Editorial: Is DIY physical release still relevant today?


Yes, we say yes!

A DIY/self-produced physical release production is pivotal to underground or above-ground music development, even though CD or cassette tape (I deliberately exclude vinyl from this list) from this kind of production, can not penetrate the market deeper compares to what mayor labels or more well-established independent labels could do, whose artists are well-chosen, famous, well-managed and well-equipped with good materials and talents (not to mention their promotion budget or well-developed distribution networks that can boost the selling). Put aside the commercial issue, I’m not talking about that right now.

We notice there will be some DIY/self-produced compilation and  full-length albums from Indonesian bands, released this year. The importance of DIY physical release is to help new-and-upcoming or lesser known artists establishing their portfolio, confidence and spirit, and gaining knowledge of music production and distribution. This is why, www.Musik.or.id will support any DIY/self-produced album project because we believe: it will lead to the emergence of music scenes in every corner of Indonesia.

However, the raise of digital release nowadays is considered to be its opponents’ future killing machine. Any physical release production will suffer, sooner or later, worsen by the reluctance of our people to buy a physical copy. Digital release at least, is easy to monetize.Creativeness and innovation are keys to survive. And with these two aspects, today there are more chances to gain reputation, and uh, money, from Youtube and iTune, or other online music stores.

Again, is DIY physical release still important today?

Happy DIY!


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