Using own blood for cover art, Northorn to launch EP The Art of Destruction

Manado-based doom/depressive black metal act Northorn will officially release their new mini album entitled The Art of Destruction on Saturday, August 26, 2017 at Musik Merdeka, an event to celebrate National Independence Day, organized by the North Celebes Infantry Battalions. The even will take place at Kopination Cafe Tikala, Manado.

The CD marks a new official line up consisting of Lord Baphomet Van Northorn (vocals, guitars), Ezzra El Diaboli (guitars), FFF (bass), and 666oat (drums). FFF was introduced as their new bass player at Monster of Distortion 5, on July 8, 2017.

EP The Art of Destruction precedes Northorn’s forthcoming full-length album with same title, and Stevan Pontoh’s new book also with the same title.

The CD features three tracks with 15:28 length, and cover art painted by frontman Stevan Pontoh, using his own blood.

Stevan (known under pseudonym Lord Baphomet Van Northorn), told his upcoming prose book will include a series of paints, painted using his own blood.

The book is talking about philosophy of the destruction that birth from the beautifulness, since beauty is the destruction’s goal per se. Stevan drew tens of paints for the book illustrations. The multi-instrumentalist said he is waiting for contract and publishing date from a publisher.

Baphomet added the recording sessions took place at Waruga Studio, Tondano, Minahasa Regency from March to August 2017.

Waruga’s founder/guitarist Heven Karisoh recorded, mixed and mastered the album. Heven is playing drums in Northorn and credited as 666oat.


Northorn is known for their prolific recording works, having published 4 EP’s and 3 full-length albums since 2012.

Started as a one-man band by Stevan Pontoh in 2011, to date, Northorn has released EPs R.O.S (2012), Engur (2013), Fall (2013), Hanging (2014); studio albums Klur (2014), Years upon Oppression (2015), Inhuman Reflection (2016); and a compilation CD titled Torture (10 Rhymes to a Self Punishment) in 2014.

The band is heavily influenced by Gorgoroth, Dissection and Shining.


1. The Art of Destruction 06:50
2. Rebuilding Gommorah 04:23
3. Inner Slave 04:15


Produced by Northorn
Recorded at Waruga Studio, Tondano
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Heven Karisoh
Cover art by Stevan Pontoh


Baphomet van Northorn – vocals
El Diabolica – guitars
FFF – bass
666oat – drums


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