North Sulawesi musicians to observe Independence Day at Musik Merdeka

The underground legions in North Sulawesi have their own way to celebrate Indonesian National Independence Day. Seventeen music groups with genre varies from death metal to rock n’ roll will gather to salute the Bendera Merah Putih in an event titled Musik Merdeka.

North Celebes Infantry Battalions, a prominent underground society in the area, will organize Musik Merdeka at Kopination Cafe Tikala, on Saturday, August 26, 2017, starting from 3 PM to 11 PM Central Indonesian Time.

Minahasan blues act The Lezzy will showcase their new song Blues Break The Rules at the occasion. The new track is part of their new set list, accompanying older tunes like Move on Blues and Sok Rock n Roll, previously become favored among blues aficionados in Manado.

The Lezzy is now occupying themselves with their debut album recording session. Latest lineup consists of Marshall “Acel” Kolanus (vocals), Willie Aldaffa Setiawan (guitars), Novi Languyu (drums), and Gerald Tumimomor.

Their eclectic style, attractive stage performance, and humorous song-lyrics have made De’Crue gaining a cult of following. The Manado-based rock n’ roll act will have some of their famous songs Tante Girang, Status Bodoh, Berpesta dengan Vodka, Gosip Selebrity and Nggak Mabuk Nggak Asik, in set list to make Musik Merdeka spectators rocking and rolling.

De’Crue’s latest known line up comprises Woldrick Luang (vocals), Kissu Vendy (guitars), Jio (bass) and Kevin (drums).

Manado-based doom/depressive black metal act Northorn will release their new promotional CD entitled The Art of Destruction at Musik Merdeka. The CD marks a new official line up consisting of Lord Baphomet Van Northorn (vocals, guitars), El Diaboli (guitars), FFF (bass), and Heven (drums). FFF was introduced as their new bass player at Monster of Distortion 5, on July 8, 2017.   The band is known for their prolific recording works, having published 4 EP’s and 3 full-length albums since 2012.

Started as a one-man band by Stefan Pontoh (known under pseudonym Lord Baphomet Van Northorn) in 2011, to date, Northorn has released EPs R.O.S (2012), Engur (2013), Fall (2013), Hanging (2014); studio albums Klur (2014), Years upon Oppression (2015), Inhuman Reflection (2016); and a compilation CD titled Torture (10 Rhymes to a Self Punishment) in 2014.

Musik Merdeka 2017 marks the comeback of Hellsing, another Stefan Pontoh’s black metal venture, after being away for a year. The quartet comprises Pontoh (vocals), Bill Crush (guitars), Erwin Juliano (guitars) and

Nu-metal act Waruga will play set list with songs taken from their 2016 full-length debut album titled Songs For The Minahasanic War. Founded in 2004 in Tondano, Minahasa Regency by Wara Sual and Heven Karisoh, now the band comprises of Wara Sual, Heven Karisoh, Roland Tampi, Yeremia Mumu, and other additional members.

They just released an official lyric video for new single The Calling of Suicide, on May 9, 2017, featuring Stefan Pontoh from Northorn/Hellsing.

The band borrows the name from Minahasan specific sarcophagus waruga.

Another band worth to anticipate at Musik Merdeka is hard rock act Mr. 82. The five-piece Fendy Gilby Walean (guitars), Aldymc Wuner (drums), Valent Val Polii (vocals), Mario Lonta (guitars) and Juricho Kyko Tangkuman (bass), are renowned for their badass songs such as Spiderman, Rock N’ Roll Queen, Jhonny Fuck You, Hari Ini Musuhku, Pesta Rock N’ Roll, and Rock N’ Roll Queen. Mr. 82 was establsihed in 2012.

Cited names such as Duo Serigala, Mia Khalifa, Phoenix Marie and Brandi Love as artists that they like in Facebook page, makes Artubiem considered as a cool and fun thrash metal band. Having released a single in 2013 titled Sengketa Demi Kuasa, the metal fans in Manado have been expecting new works from the band whom fronted by Kuman.

Artubiem was established in 2009, now consists of Kuman (vocals), Arafat (bass), Agung (guitars), Aip (guitars), and Agung (drums).

Death metal delegation from Bitung Municipality in this event, Dangerous of Eternity, was formed in 2007 by Andre (vocals), Defian Lamudju (guitars), Koko (bass), and Gilang (drums). The band has released single titled Kontra Sosial in 2013.

Current line up comprises frontman Rahman Arifin, duo guitarists Devian Lamadju and Fhey Aryan, and bassist Koko Daud.

Since its inception in 2010, Bitung-based groove metal act Sacrament’s drummer Muhammad Amy and guitarist Latto has been working hard to maintain their lovely band to keep on kicking in the North Sulawesi metal spectrum. A single Meniduri Kotoran Surga was released in 2013.

Sacrament now consists of Muhammad Amy (drums), Latto (guitars), Rizky (vocals) and Anto (guitars).

Guitarist Ravly Rumate and frontman Charles Valentie Hess are the only survivors of the original members of Guillotine, a slamming brutal death metal act from Manado, founded in March 2011. The band has released an official video for 2013 single titled Potongan Tubuh Tanpa Kepala, produced by North Celebes Infantry Battalions in October 2015.

Ravly and Valent are now accompanied by Ozy Izzy (bass), Fialy Valentino Lahia (drums) and Rahman Ahmad (guitars).


DE’CRUE (Rock N’ Roll)
GUILLOTINE (Slamming Death Metal)
HELLSING (Black Metal)
ARTUBIEM (Thrash Metal)
NORTHORN (Doom/Depressive Black Metal)
SACRAMENT (Death Metal)
MR. 82 (Rock N’ Roll)
RAPIER (Death Metal)
THE OLD ROSES (Rock N’ Roll)
TESLA IS REAL (Rock N’ Roll)
WAI’ 99 (Punk)


Ticket is available for IDR 15K conducted an interview with Buddy Williando, the North Celebes Infantry Battalions person-in-charge for Musik Merdeka. He said Musik Merdeka is their second event this year after last month’s Monsters of Distortion 5. The society intends to hold a unique and exclusive event each month.

The drummer of Manado-based melodic black metal veteran Durhaka added Musik Merdeka will be their new annual event.

Last month, had a conversation with another North Celebes Infantry Battalions activist Leonardo Maasawet (known under moniker Legon). He said NCIB was established in 2012, and has organized five series of Monsters of Distortion, Halloween Metal Party in 2015, and A Tribute to Metalhead part 1 and 2 in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

Musik Merdeka is supported by Kopination Cafe, Markobar, Hypernoid, Lost In Caos Media Zine,, and Sulut Hebat.


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