Italian Párodos releases official lyric video Catharsis

Italian progressive avantgarde black metal Párodos released the first official lyric video Catharsis on June 3, 2017, from the upcoming full-length album with the same title.

Catharsis is the title track and the core of the entire work, a metaphorical journey through human tragedy. A ritual of purification, a hymn of rebirth from death to life into the never ending cycle of existence.

The official lyric video was produced by EstremArte VideoProduzioni (Hour of Penance, Impaled Nazarene, Scuorn) and it completely represents the concept of the album.

Catharsisis was recorded, mixed and mastered by Marco Mastrobuono (Hour of Penance, Buffalo Grillz) at Kick Recording Studio (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Shores of Null). Additional orchestral arrangements by Riccardo Studer (Stormlord).

Párodos was formed in Salerno in January 2015 by Giovanni Costabile (Hybris, keyboards), together with Francesco Del Vecchio (Oudeis, guitar), Gianpiero Sica (Orion, bass), Marco Alfieri (M, voice) and Daniele Ippolito (Ephaistos, drums).

The purpose was to create something personal, with a modern sound combining different atmospheres both ethereal and evocative with their roots in black metal. The project, later called Párodos, follows the path of bands such as Fen, Les Discrets, Alcest, Katatonia, Lantlos, Arcturus and Enslaved.

After two years of rehearsals , on July 2016, the band released a live session recorded and mixed in Salerno at Sonic Temple Studio by Fabio Calluori (Heimdall, Nude). After opening for Fleshgod Apocalypse’s venue in Naples during their “King Tour”, the band entered the Kick Recording Studio to record the debut album “Catharsis” with producer Marco Mastrobuono (Hour of Penance, Buffalo Grillz) from December 2016 to January 2017.

Check the lyric video below:

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