MetalHeads Respect holds a tribute to Denny Reax and James Grausig

Metalheads Respect will organize a tribute gig to late musicians Ramadhanny Hussein and James Budiyanto tonight, May 24, 2017 at Borneo Beer House Kemang, Kompleks Ruko Belle Point No. 5, Jalan Kemang Selatan VIII RT7/RW2 Jakarta. The tribute is titled Gone too Soon: Tribute to Ramadhanny Hussein “Reax” and James Andri Budiyanto “Grausig”.

Seven prominent metal bands from Jakarta will pay homage to best friends Ramadhanny Hussein, Reax‘s frontman/guitarist and former Rotor’s bassist, who died by heart attack on Friday, May 5, 2017, and James Andri Budiyanto, former Grausig’s frontman who died on May 7, 2017.

The latest line up consists of SiksakubuR, Corporation of Bleeding, Lucretia, Isolated Demise, Vocthrash, Protest and Reax.

Tonight’s show marks the reunion of Reax and their original member and guitarist Damar Marsarang Aji Siagian. Damar co-founded Reax with  Irfan Pilun (guitars), Bayu Suroso (bass, vocals) and Farhan (drums) in 1991, but left the band in 1993. Moroth’s guitarist Ramadhanny “Denny” Hussein joined to fill the second guitar position that vacant after Damar’s departure. Damar is currently a faculty of Jakarta Institute of Arts.

Reax is survived by Bayu (bass), Denny Apoy (guitars) and Joe Dayliant (drums).

Tonight’s concert is also the third tribute concert for Denny after Death Zone Metal Party on May 6, 2017 at JK7 Bar and Club Kemang, and The Rock Campus #86 at the very place on May 18, 2017.

Reax will be accompanied by Akhir’s frontman Ndee, Lucretia’s guitarist/vocalist Nino Aditya, and Dirty Joke’s guitarist/vocalist Andy. Guitarist Indra from Protest also will join the band.

James Andri Budianto was former vocalist of Jakarta metal veteran Grausig. Founder Yachya Wacked hijacked him from Rotting God in 1994. James with Grausig had released EP Feed the Flesh to the Beast (1996), Abandon, Forgotten, and Rotting Alone (1999), and EP In the Name of All Who Suffered and Died (2013).

Grausig’s official fan page released statement today: “Maaf teman2 kami tidak bisa ikut berpartisipasi di Metalhead Respect untuk Brother Ramadhany (Reax) dan James (ex Grausig) hari ini. Untuk band2 yg ikut berpartisipasi… Big respect to you all. Sampai bertemu di event2 selanjutnya kawan2. #Respecttoyouall #Keepyourheadup #Seeyounexttime #Hellyeah.”

Guitarist of Dyslexia, Aciel Martiens donated his artwork for the gig poster. In Facebook he stated the artwork was intended to be his proto-Dyslexia djent metal project’s album cover. But the project was postponed. Denny Hussein who recorded a solo guitar in one of its songs, loved the artwork and asked Aciel to give it to him. Presumably for Reax’s debut EP From The Past.

Subur Sukarsono from Metalheads Respect talked to about the show. He said the Gone Too Soon was initiated by Fachmi Mortus, Pima Aditya, Nino Aditya and Agung Gele Yulianto. Agung who is famous for being a metal concert MC, will host the show.

The Metalheads Respect in not an event management, nor a community, but more like a camaraderie. There is no hierarchy or structure. The camaraderie aims to hold charity events or gatherings to benefit metal musicians who suffer illness or demise. They also involve in some other causes, i.e. organized three concerts in 2014 titled Konser Amal Peduli Damai Anti Perang to benefit people of Palestine, Solidarity for Rohingya People (2015), Peduli Damai Anti Perang, Solidarity For Syria (2016) and Peduli Gempa Aceh (2016).

The charity clique was begun on November 27, 2011, when a fundraising gig was held to benefit the family of late Muhammad “Bobby” Faisal (ex-Grausig, Reborn Damnation, Slimmer). They handed over donation over IDR 38 million to the family. The gig was initiated by Fachmi Mortus, Pima Aitya, Nino Aditya, Agung Gele Yulianto and Diansyah Rizky.



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