4L4Y slam grind pioneer Qu Kangen Nih releases debut “AntiQue Dan KetAian Yang HaQiQi”

Ciamis-based Metalgear Death Merch has officially released debut album for 4L4Y gRoOVe SLamMing GrINd pioneer QU KanGEn nIH entitled “AntiQue Dan KetAian Yang HaQiQi”, on AUgust 17, 2017.

IT iS UnKNown where the AL4Y SLaMminG GRiND muSIc pioneer coMeS FRoM, bUt nEvErmInd, 5 TR4cks listed iN tHe aLbum aRe ProMiSing, at LEasT foR One wHo fond of J4PaneSe SLam d3aTh/griND M3tal, ThOsE TRacKS CaN fiT YOuR TaSTe.

QU KanGEn nIH is centered on mysterious guitarist Ludy Codeath, who based on our intel, resides in Bandung. But, in recent interview with Musik.or.id, Ludy claimed coming from outer space.

Ludy unrevealed his other band mates names, but showing us their pictures (from the CD lay out), which we refused to believe. He said QU KanGEn nIH members are coming from famous bands like Peter Pan, Jamrud and Ungu!

“AntiQue Dan KetAian Yang HaQiQi” was recorded at his home studio, then mixed and mastered at Insidious Soundlab, Bekasi, in summer 2017. The studio’s owner Januaryo Hardy handled the mixing and mastering.

Rudi Gorging Suicide designed the filthy cover arts.

On the cover album, QU KanGEn nIH was written in Sundanese alphabet style, so don’t be confuse if you cannot see any band’s name there.


YOu cAN JuDGe hoW AL4y tHeY Are bY reADiNg tHe ALbuM sOng-TiTLes bELow:

TRaCk LiSTinG:

  1. Qu Ganti Janur Kuningmu Dengan Bendera Kuning ( JAKUN BENING)
  2. Struk Belanjamu Di Dalam DompetQu ( KAULEK )
  3. Qu Pen Putus ( LEH UGA )
  4. Rujit Rudet Rujad ( TIGARU )
  5. Udah Lama Ngga Gitu, Pas Gitu Ngga Lama ( LAGULAMA )


When asked about the band’s next plan, Ludy answered wisely “Man proposes, but listener disposes.” He added the band will commence debut full-length album project if they had good approval from fan.

The guitarist cited WALi, N0AH, DEmAzIP, 4RmAd4, R4iSA, and iSYAN4 as the band’ main influences.

For further inquiry about QU KanGEn nIH, Ludy can be reaced at 0821 1717 9300.



Layout by Holocoust Graphics
Logo by Vaizal (Vaizal Rotten Art)
Font title by Qu Kangen Nih
Cover art by Rudi Gorging Suicide
Mixing and Mastering by Insidious Soundlab

All music written and arranged by Ludy Codeath
Recorded at Utan Studio
Produced by Qu Kangen Nih

The band

Lucy Codeath – secret agent
? #1 – guttural vockil
? #2 – guitar downtunes



Alay (or 4L4Y, Anak Layangan, Anak Jablay or Anak Lebay) is an Indonesian pop culture phenomenon. It is a stereotype describing something “tacky” and “cheesy” norak or kampungan. The Alay culture phenomena spans a wide array of styles in music, dress, and messaging. It has often been compared to that of the Jejemon phenomenon originating from the Philippines, and Harajuku from Japan. Although, the former emerged much later and the latter was even admired in the West. (Wikipedia)

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