Hitam Kelam Records to re-package Syndrome’s debut album

Indonesian prominent independent label company, Hitam Kelam Records will release a repackaged version of Semarang-based metal veteran Syndrome‘s 2005 debut eponymous album. The release will take place next week.

The reissued album will be launched as Reloaded with three new songs, also a complete re-mixed and remastered works by the company including redesigning the cover art. The new tracks Trancetendencial (Intro), Gutsteroid, and Mempsychosis (outtro), are added to equip the original 8 tracks.

Hitam Kelam wrote on its Facebook on July 29:

Segera akan kita lepas dibulan Agustus 2017
Jangan lupa untuk terus memantau info info terbaru di halaman resmi kita yang satu ini

Salah satu masterpiece album band Agressive Metal dari kota Semarang yaitu SYNDROME
Mixing dan mastering ulang tentu menjadi pembeda dari versi cetakan pertama sebelumnya yang dirilis tahun 2005

SYNDROME – Reloaded

Reloaded will be available in CD and cassette tape formats.

Syndrome currently works for forthcoming album, planned to be released next year.

Track Listing

  1. Trancetendencial (Intro)
  2. Toxic Rebel
  3. Craze
  4. Mental of Backstabber
  5. Beyond the Pleasure Principle
  6. Delusional Disorder
  7. Three Faces of Eve
  8. Fragile-X
  9. Gutsteroid
  10. The Lecherous
  11. Mempsychosis (outtro)


Syndrome was established on April 25, 1992 as a cover band playing the works of Napalm Death, Sepultura, Massacre and Obituary. The band produced some unreleased materials entitled “The Complication Before Dying” and “Vindictive Creation” before disbanded in 1996.

In 2004, the band was reformed by guitarist Wowod, frontman Debronzes, bassist Hakeem and Wiwid (drums), and recorded new materials for debut full-length self-titled album. The debut was released in August 2005 by Proton Records.

A series of tour dates in Java and Bali was arranged to support the album. Radical Corps’s guitarist Nopex then joined the band.

In mid 2008, Wiwid left the band to focus in his other project. Scare Monger’s drummer Bankit was employed. The band recorded their new psychotic materials in January 2009 i.e. Claymante XIII, Anatomy of Melancholy, Gutsteroid (English version of Nyali) and Parapsychoticism of Mankind.

2015 saw Syndrome pen a deal with Hitam Kelam Records to repackage its debut album with new mixing, mastering and packaging.

Hitam Kelam Records is an independent label company which was founded in Bogor in 2004 by Boedi Leksono. To date, the label has released 29 records in varied formats, and having 20 bands in current roster.


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