Scattered Brains Society presents Hellenistic in Hell

Scattered Brains Society, an eminent underground community in Semarang, holds a new gig today, August 5, 2017 at  Open Theater Outdoor, Taman Budaya Raden Saleh (TBRS), Semarang, Central Java.

The event entitled Hellenistic in Hell showcases ten aggressive metal bands from Jakarta, Semarang, Kendal, Cepu and Bekasi; and features Jakarta-based Panic Disorder and Semarang’s metal veteran Syndrome as the show headliners.


None of the original members are in the current line up, but nothing can stop Panic Disorder to enjoy their 23 years of triumph with maturation and wisdom, thanks to its guardians bassist Ketut Budi and guitarist/now-frontman Joky, who maintain the band to keep rolling since their arrival in 1997.

To date, Panic Disorder has published 2 EPs and 3 full-length albums i.e. EP Bleeding One of the Mortal Throne (2000), Ilustrasi dari Bab Sadis (2004), Choir of Horror (2007), Choir of Horror (2011) and Daimonion(2016).

Panic Disorder was founded in 1994 by Toto Handrawan (vocals), Baonk (bass), Romy (guitars), and Aly (drums). The last formation consists of Ketut Budi (bass), Joky (vocals), Atenx (guitars), Amri Putradjaja (guitars), and Sobron Haki (drums).

Metal veteran Syndrome has been working for their second full-length album, planned to be released next year. To fulfill the fans longing of their new works, the band will release a repacked version of their 2005 debut eponymous album next week through Hitam Kelam Records. The repacked album is entitled Reloaded with three new tracks added to equip the original 8 tracks.

Syndrome was founded in Semarang on April 25, 1992 as a cover band playing the works of Napalm Death, Sepultura, Massacre and Obituary. The band produced some unreleased materials entitled “The Complication Before Dying” and “Vindictive Creation” before disbanded in 1996.

In 2004, the band was reformed by guitarist Wowod, frontman Debronzes, bassist Hakeem and Wiwid (drums), and recorded new materials for debut full-length self-titled album, released in August 2005 by Proton Records.

Latest formation comprises Debronzes (vocals), (guitars), Nopex (guitars), Hakeem (bass) and Bangkit (drums).

2017 marks a decade of contentment for Viscral, a Bekasi-based brutal death metal act. The four-piece savage metallers have been ruling most metal fests in its hometown and other places since the released of debut full-length album Egocentric Underneath of Horror in 2015. The debut was published by Rottrevore Records.

Founded in 2007, the band’s current line up consists of Eggi Pradia Wiguna (vocals), Yogi Praja Bimantara (drums), Liga Radensha (guitars), Adrel Jatnika (guitars), and Dwiky Dzarendrastyo (bass).

Semarang metalcore/post hardcore heroes Fat in Diet will serve a set list from their debut full-length album Decade, released in March 2011. The album was published posthumously since founder/guitarist Dimas “Koho” Adi Prakosa died in 2009, by the time the recording session was finished. The album is planned to be re-released in cassette tape format in near future.

The band was founded in 1999 as Pink Diary, but then changed into Fat in Diet in 2001.

The current lineup consists of Angga Badana (guitars), Danang (guitars), Sueng (bass), Helly (drums), Rezza Bintang Rakasiwi (keyboards), Rahmanika Kumalasari (vocals), and Muhammad Godhot Nur Hakim Amrullah (vocals).

With six recorded materials, Geram Thrash is ready to release their debut EP entitled Rimba, anytime soon. But, the band is not in hurry. The band just released a music video for single Regulasi Penindas on March 19, 2017.

Geram Thrash was founded in September 2009 by Hatta (guitars), Eza (drums), Rio (vocals), Adi (bass) and Oky (guitars).


Since its birth on 25 April 1996 in Semarang, Scattered Brains Society has become one of the most important community in Central Java metal-realms. Throughout existence spanning over 20 years, many extreme music enthusiast and musicians have been joining and done so much activities like gatherings, coaching clinics and gigs!

Scattered Brains Society now is led by Ali Imron.


VISCRAL (Bekasi)

Ticket is available for IDR 15K at the venue entrance. For further inquiry about the show, the society can be reached at 089656311229 (Hatta).


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