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TIKAM is a metal band from Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Founded in 2013 by bassist Ahmad Badaruzzaman, Bayu Karna (vocals), Bima Kordes (guitars) and drummer Fendy Paijo. To date, they have released a full-length album Jurnal Amarah and an official music video.

It began in 2012 when Pipis Di Celana’s bassist Ahmad “Cak Boker” Badaruzzaman wanted to have a band that could accommodate his own musical interests. At the same time, Sidoarjo-based metal act Bleeding My Heroes  was almost disbanded after all of its members parted ways with founder/guitarist Bima “Kordes” Reza Sukmana and his drummer. Bima asked his brother Bayu Karna to join force to fulfill their commitment playing in some gigs.

The siblings then offered Ahmad to join the band as permanent bassist. Ahmad turned down the offer and agreed to join as additional player only. Bleeding My Heroes recruited another guitarist named Obenk from My Feel is Dying. The band ran again in early 2013.

Bleeding My Heroes made a good comeback and enjoy critical success with more gig invitations to answer. The success drew former members/co-founders attentions. They demanded to rejoin. This situation made Bayu, Ahmad and Obenk left the band subsequently.


Due to his departure from Bleeding My Heroes, Ahmad commenced his new project which eventually called Tikam and discussed it with Obenk. Bayu and Bima (who just quit Bleeding My Heroes) joined the project later.

To complete the initial line up, they recruited drummer Fandy Paijo (Revenge My Girlfriend, Creator of Tarasque). Tikam was officially launched on December 11, 2013.

Tikam entered Pesing Record studio to record their first singles Sumpah Belati and Mangsa. The studio owner, Itok Winursito (also guitarist of Pipis Di Celana), recorded, mixed and mastered them all, and Ahmad Cak Boker produced the project.

Sumpah Belati was written by Bima Kordes and Obeng, and Mangsa by Bima Kordes. Both lyrics were written by Ahmad Badruzzaman.

Sumpah Belati tells about conflict in a clique, based upon the story of their former band Bleeding My Heroes. Mangsa tells about apex predator in a food chain, symbolizes leaders of certain organizations/states. Tikam reminds those leaders not to abuse their authority since there will always be bigger power that could force them to abdicate.

Itok Winursito dubbed the monster-alike voice in Mangsa.


Guitarist Obenk quit the band in 2014, to focus in his original band My Feel is Dying’s debut EP production.

Ahmad Badruzzaman was occupied by Pipis Di Celana to finish album Out of The Box that year. After the release of its debut, Pipis Di Celana went on hiatus.

In 2015, Bayu and Bima’s old friend Kingkong was recruited to fill Obenk’s shoes. The band prepared new materials for their upcoming debut album.

Paijo was fired in May 2016 due to could not deliver full-time commitment with the band. A month later, former Teddy is Not a Loser’s drummer R Wiryawan Surya Kusuma joined the flock.

Tikam let Kingkong go in July 2016 for poor performance. Ahmad revealed later Kingkong seemed didn’t have any passion with Tikam. Emptiness Theory’s guitarist Fajar Ainurrofiq  entered in August 2016. Fajar is known for his fond of reviewing guitar effects, amplifiers and guitars. His knowledge about gears helped the band creating their trade mark sounds.

Fourteen tracks, including the previous songs, were recorded and re-recorded in the band own studio Insting Creative Records. Ahmad produced the whole tracks with the help of Joshua Pello, who was in charge for engineering, mixing and mastering.

The album, later titled Jurnal Amarah, is mostly written in Bahasa Indonesia, and two songs were written in Javanese. Jurnal Amarah is a documentation of anger for what they saw and have, varies from political issue to daily life. The lyrics were written in a point of view of a fictitious creature who committed sins and crimes, and endorsed others to do the same.

Most of the songs were composed by Bima Kordes and Fajar Ainurrofiq. Paijo and Kingkong involved in the songwriting process of Prakacau and Serangan Singkat, respectively. All lyrics were written by Ahmad Badruzzaman.

Guitarists Gilang (Amonra) and Fauzi Kojel, and Surabaya rap veterans Eltikei and Bonky involved in the album production.

State University of Surabaya student Wishnu Doyok is credited as photographer, cover art, and layout, with the supervision of Ahmad.

Prior the album release, Tikam launched music video titled Tanda Tanya on April 13, 2017.

Jurnal Amarah was officially released at Record Store Day Indonesia 2017 chapter Surabaya on April 21, 2017.

In recent interview with, Ahmad Badruzzaman said the band is producing more music videos and will do a promo tour.



Ahmad “Cak Boker” Badaruzzaman – bass (2013 – present)
Bayu Karna – vocals  (2013 – present)
Bima “Kordes” Reza Sukmana – guitars (2013 – present)
Fajar Ainurrofiq  – guitars (2016 – present)
R Wiryawan Surya Kusuma – drums (2016 – present)


Obeng – guitars (2013 – 2014)
Fandy Paijo – drums (2013 – 2016)
Kingkong – guitars (2015 – 2016) 


2017 – Jurnal Amarah (Insting Creative Records, Surabaya)


Facebook: Tikam Official
Instagram: @TIKAM_Official
Twitter: @TIKAM_Official
Reverbnation: TikamOfficial
Youtube: Tikam Band
Booking:  +6289677557985


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