Malay International Jazz Camping – Dumai 2017

Dumai will host a new international jazz festival this weekend. Hundreds of impeccable talented musicians from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore are scheduled to play from 25 to 26 August 2017. The festival entitled Malay International Jazz Camping – Dumai 2017 will take place at Taman Bukit Gelanggang Dumai, Riau, Indonesia.

Malay International Jazz Camping – Dumai 2017 will showcase big names like Indonesian R&B famed Glenn Fredly, jazz guitarist/educator Agam Hamzah, pianist Nita Aartsen, Singaporean crooner Rudy Djoe, Rio Moreno, Singaporean pop star Aisyah Aziz, Riau-based fusion act Geliga, Field Players, to name a few.

Indra Saputra from Malay Creative Present & Event Organizer in his recent interview with said the festival is intended to promote Jazz music to people of Riau Province, and at the same time, promoting Dumai culture and tourism. The Fest also campaigns “go green” to jazz aficionados.

Indra (known under moniker Lonk) stated the idea behind the festival was conceived in November 2016, and the team to run the Fest was established in May 2017 at Hotel Grand Zuri Dumai. The frontman of local fusion band Selesha added the organizer would like to emphasize the shade of Malay culture at the very Fest.


Glenn Fredly (Jakarta)
Nita Aartsen & Frankie Sadikin feat. Batuta Project (Jakarta)
Aisyah Aziz (Singapore)
Field Players (Malaysia)
Rudy Djoe fet Rio Moreno Latin Combo (Singapore)
Siel Band (Malaysia)
2 Step 2 Tone (Dumai)
Dua Empat (Jakarta)
Blacan Aromatic (Pekanbaru)
Agam hamzah Group feat. Ade Irawan (Jakarta)
Punca Sebunyi (Pekanbaru)
Ori Five Minute (Jakarta)
Geliga (Pekanbaru)
Traya Band (Jakarta)
Rino Dezapati (Pekanbaru)
Slef Vesitra (Malaysia)
Hardi Ay Joinder (Aceh)
Minangapentagong (Padangpanjang)
Mafia CPO (Dumai)
Komp3nk (Dumai)
Yogi & Friends (Jakarta)
Meaning of Life (Dumai)
Selesha (Dumai)


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