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Artikel BABAT METAL FEST dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di link berikut: Podomoro Management presents BABAT METAL FEST: Chapter 1

Lamongan metal music enthusiasts will witness a new gig in town: the BABAT METAL FEST, on Sunday, April 2, 2017 at Futsal Court Plaosan, Babat, Lamongan, East Java.

Podomoro Management, the gig owner, will showcase fourteen metal acts from around East Java and features the Tangerang-based technical death metal band ANTI THESIS as the gig’s headliner. The event will kick off at 9 AM and stop at 16 PM Indonesia Western Time.

Budi from Podomoro Management spoke to about the show. He said the idea behind BABAT METAL FEST was conceived during his involvement in organizing Lamongan Death Fest (2014 and 2015). He received complaints from many fellow Lamongan non-death-metal-musicians who could not participate in the Death Fest gig series. Regarding the complaints, he and fellow Lamongan Death Fest crews, Andriyanto and Moch Winarto
created a new all-metal-genre gig called BABAT METAL FEST. Due to financial problem schedule conflict, the event eventually is materialized in 2017.

The gig aims to make a platform for local musicians to hang out and to gather with fellow musicians from Lamongan and other towns.

Budi explained the Podomoro Management was founded to organize the very show exclusively. It is actually an eating place in Darjo Sidoarjo owned by Andriyanto.


ANTITHESIS (Tangerang, technical death metal)
LENTERA (Surabaya, speed metal)
PARANOID DESPIRE (Solo, death metal)
GODAMNATION (Surabaya, death metal)
OVERDEATH (Sidoarjo, grindcore)
TILAR NDUNYO (Lamongan, black metal)
ROMUSHA (Surabaya, death metal)
BLINDEMON (Lamongan, death metal)
MATI SURI (Gresik, black metal)
INROADS HC (Lamongan, hardcore)
NALAR (Lamongan, slamming)
BUNGA SURGA (Tuban, Gothic metal)
STICKING OUT HC (Lamongan, hardcore)
FURY ROAD (Lamongan, metalcore)

Tickets are available for IDR 30K. For further inquiry about the fest update, please call Mamoe at 085697056968 or BBM D3790137.

The fest is supported by Zombok Metal Corpse, Lamongan Metal Corpse, Babat Metal Wingko, Reunion Moral Bangsat, Llamongan Death Fest, Lamongan Total Sicknes, and Lamongan Menghitam.


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