Event: Aceh On Stage, 4-5 September 2015

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A new all-genre gig in town will be held soon at the most sacred venue The Open Stage – Taman Budaya Banda Aceh. The gig which is dubbed ACEH ON STAGE will showcase 32 immense musical acts on 4 and 5 September 2015.

Pargop Utama Organizer who owns the brand name, stated to acehmusician.org that the gig will deliver the most anticipated album from local deathcore band, THE NEW KING. The band is set to release their first album Who Am I on 5 September 2015. Within the limits of the concert, a bazaar is set up to provide audience with t-shirts and accessories selling, photo contest and blood donation between performances. The gig’s main theme is “Nada Moral Untuk Negeri”.

KILLA THE PHIA who had released their first album Now The Time in a similar show in June 2015, will headline the gig along MENCARI SINYAL and CROMOSOM.

Early bird ticket is available at Hensinki Arabica Cafe, Old School and Bebek Belantara Restaurant for IDR 20K for 2-day pass, and IDR 15K for 1-day pass at the entrance.


  1. Sick Prince
  2. Si Gupai
  3. Skena Rusuh
  4. Fransesca
  5. Dr. Rock Out
  6. Ashew
  7. Projecta
  8. Offensive
  9. Exodia
  10. Tanoeh Meukeutop
  11. Sunrise of Sunday
  12. Devoutly
  13. Sakbolano
  14. Volter
  15. Key P.A.D
  16. Shadow for Mercy
  17. Funny Emergency
  18. Price Forgiveness
  19. Gravity Falls
  20. Revenwolf
  21. Moscow
  22. Guvorus
  23. Signal Ambition
  24. Negative One
  25. Poison System
  26. Cenotaph the Infinite
  27. Resurrection
  28. Leaving the Nemesis


  1. The New Kingread their profile in this link 
  2. Mencari Sinyal
  3. Killa The Phiaread their profile in this link 
  4. Cromosom


For further inquiry about the gig, you may contact Aldi (082272620769), and Giza(085760112357) or follow their twitter account @pargop_konveksi.

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