Metalcore band KILLA THE PHIA was founded in 2008 by four vigorous Bandaacehnians metal enthusiastic musicians Ali (guitars), Madon (vocals), Juned (guitars) and Sinju (bassist). It was started when Ali asked then-SYSTEM ERROR‘s frontman Madon to form a Lamb-of-God-esque band and taking part in a local metal gig Aceh Revolt 2008. Madon then enticed fellow System Error band mate Sinju to join. MEDICAL TREATMENT‘s lead guitarist Juned was added in the original line up subsequently. Horny Fever‘s drummer Teuku Rommel helped the newborn band as their provisional drummer.

In the very year, Ali quit the band and joined another metalcore band AUDIO JAHAD,  left KILLA THE PHIA in an uncertain situation. In 2010, the then-defunct TROUBLE MAKER‘s Iwan (guitarist) and Dika (drummer) joined the gang and turned a new page, and gave the band a new verve.

With the new line-up, KILLA THE PHIA began partaking in most of band competitions in Banda Aceh. Here are some of the band’s triumph list:

  • 3rd winner of Artcoholic 2010
  • Winner of Rencong Fest 2010
  • Winner of Rencong Fest 2011
  • Winner of Agri Live 2011
  • Runner-up of BRI RAMS 2011
  • 3rd winner of Baskom 2011
  • Winner of Baskom 2013
  • Runner-up of Law – Greatest Festival 2013

KILLA THE PHIA has been busying them self in studio producing their first mini album since 2011. The project was interrupted when Dika decided to resign in late 2011. Another disruption was came up when their record engineer/co-producer Hery Kuning resided to Jakarta in early 2012. The initial endeavor resulted a video single Die of Messiah in April 2012. Watch the video here: Video: Killa the Phia – Die of Mesiah

The project was halted after the video release. They resumed the recording session in mid 2013 with a new drummer, Diyan. But another disturbance struck when Iwan left the band for a family matter. Former UNSATISFACTORY’s guitarist Reza was recruited in November 2013.

Frontmant Madon cited  the band name idea was the pun of Philadelphia, former Egypt’s province under the Greek Ptolemaic dynasty rule (now it’s the capital city of Jordan, Amman).

Madon  also stated about the band planning to recommence the album project in early 2014. Seemingly they will rewrite some recent materials and finding a new producer.

Check KILLA THE PHIA‘s singles here:

[reverb type=’allsongs’ aid=’2296997′]


Madon – vocals

Juned – guitars

Reza – guitars

Sinjo – bass

Diyan – drums



Twitter: @KillaThePhia08

Reverbnation: KillaThePhia08

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