This year largest and most highly anticipated extreme gig, ATJEH METAL FEST 2013, will take place on this Saturday and Sunday, 7-8 December 2013, at the famous Taman Budaya Banda Aceh‘s amphitheater  “the Open Stage”.

Note: the ATJEH METAL FEST is unrelated to the Lhokseumawe’s Aceh Metal Fest.

Over 40 metal acts will showcase their extreme talents in the 2-day celebration of free-spirited boisterous metal ambiance in Aceh. Batavian grindcore act PROLETAR will headline the fest, along with the local metal fame, MAGGOTS.

Progressive Entertainment’s spokesperson, Delly Gober told acehmusician.org about the participants and the main idea behind the gig:

Atjeh Metal Fest is a collaboration between two Banda Aceh eminent metal scenes, SPS and BandaAceh DeathMetal. We expect this event will gather Bandaacehnian metal music enthusiast.”

Another spokesperson, Helmi Moor-Demon added  the gig is designed to be an annual event: “Hopefully there will be the second, the third, and so on!”

The early bird ticket is ready for 2-day passes for only IDR 20K before 6 Desember 2013 at the official ticket booth MIDDLE FINGER CLOTH, Jl Sukarno Hatta (in front of Mitsubishi Show Room), or contacting the official buzzers @AcehMetalFest@MF-Merch@acehmusic and @Pasukan_Rencong.

For further inquiry about this show, please contact Ifan Middle Finger (0818 0981 2389) and Roy Maggots (0821 6485 6457).


The ATJEH METAL FEST 2013 current line-up

1. Proletar (Jakarta), read their profile in this link
2. Maggotsread their profile in this link
3. Psycho Holic, read their profile in this link
4. Killa the Phia, read their profile in this link
5. Audio Jahad, read their profile in this link
6. Iliosread their profile in this link
7. Die Violenceread their profile in this link
8. Shitakeread their profile in this link
9. Kali Mati
10. The Witch of Majesty
11. Vonis Mati, read their profile in this link
12. Suck in Vacancy
13. Disgorged Bowel Movement
14. Darkfuture
15. Redemption
16. Cronicread their profile in this link
17. Amenhotepread their profile in this link
18. Rise to Revengeread their profile in this link
19. Corpse (Bireuen)
20. Genotaph the Infinitte
21. Theosophist
22. Deadlyscum
23. Obliteration Tendencies
24. Open Arms to Damnation
25. Dictatorshit
26. Raticulatus (Meulaboh)
27. Valencia Sky, read their profile in this link
28. Egg Nough
29. Darah Pekat
30. Miserable Death (Meulaboh)read their profile in this link
31. Kontaminasi Jiwa (Bireuen), read their profile in this link
32. Transylvania, read their profile in this link
33. Shadow for Mercy
34. Dirty Bloodread their profile in this link
35. Punishment of Hell
36. Pure insanity (Lhoksukon)
37. Jacksparows
38. Bottom Lips
39. Clown Nanggroeread their profile in this link
40. V for Vendetta
41. Tanduk Setan (Bireuen)
42. Syaqq is Killer
43. Catastrophe


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