Psycho Holic: We are a Sharia Metal Band!

Psycho Holic

“We are a sharia metal band!”

Frontman Klart Moreti stated to GMA Media Team about his band Psycho Holic during an interview which took place in the famous Taufiq Methodist Coffee Shop.

“It’s not the genre, for sure! But this is how to explain what we are. Since we live in Aceh, we respect the rules. When in Rome, do as the Romans do!”

“We are as badass as others (metal bands). And we are still dangerous in stage! Haha! But when we’re back to the real life, we will be as sweet as other common Acehnese boys.”

Klart mentioned some “sharia” activities like praying, reading the Koran, not performing gigs or band rehearsal in Thursday night (In Aceh Thursday night is considered good for Ibadah/pray activities) nor in Friday mid day, not encouraging kids for drinking alcohol or other recreational drugs, etc.

“Some are more like local wisdom to me, not sharia. Well, this is what people do for hundred years here ! No need to argue, and No Sweat!”

“Frankly, most of us used to be spirits drinkers and marijuana smokers. But now no more!”

Psycho Holic was formed in September 2007 in Banda Aceh. Originally consisted of Ori Anggara (guitar), Emrin Stein (drums), Pe-i (bass) and Bobby (vocal). Intended to be a Mudvayne cover band, this band then changed its direction to more pure-metal hardcore band and only playing their own music. Bobby left in 2008 and was replaced by Klart Moreti. Guitarist Edho Rocha joined from Bulletproof Monks in that very year.

In 2010, Pe-i had to reside in Jakarta, and Devin Elfras was called from then defunct Oshin Enggi Band.

“Devin has everything to fill Pe-i’s shoes. With all the respect, this is the best formation ever.” Ori added.

Ori then explained the meaning of Psycho Holic: “More or less it’s an addiction to insanity.. hahaha, oh yes, we are addicted in making people insane with our music.”

Psyco Holic is in studio recording their first album now. The debut is titled Absolute Freedom.

“Most of the materials coming from Ori’s freakiest nightmares.. hahaha.. Yes he’s in charge in making and arranging the music, and produce it as well.” Devin said with a big grin in his face ended the interview.

For the band social media accounts, please like their facebook fanpage Myspace:  Follow twitter accounts @klartmoreti (Klart Moreti),  and @DevinElvrasjaya (Devin).

Check their Video: Sisi Gelap


04 DEvin
Devin Elfras


Emrin Stein
Emrin Stein
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Ori Anggara
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Klart Moreti


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