Linggau Underground presents REUNION SHOW 2


After a great hit and gained favor among Lubuklinggau metal music enthusiast with last year’s version of REUNION SHOW, The Linggau Underground will hold its second issue on Saturday, February 25, 2017 at GOR Megang, Lubuklinggau City, South Sumatera Province.

Twenty eight noise factories will produce a mayhem atmosphere for local metal realm’s citizen to cure their longing of a good underground gig.  Sungai Penuh-based death metal act RETALITION is scheduled to headline the show  promoting their full-length debut album Inspire the Moment.

CRAZYKIDS‘ frontman Riky Al Furqon who organized the show spoke to about the idea behind the gig and the scene. He said the term “reunion” was chosen for last year’s event since there was no bona fide gig had been created after their famous Rebel Fest held in 2014. The Reunion Show aims to reunite and to gather musicians from Lubuklinggau and other cities sharing the same stage and strengthening their kinship.

Aliansi Musik Indie Lubuklinggau or colloquially known as Linggau Underground was formed in 2012 by Riky and his CRAZYKIDS bandmates. The goal was to inspire and to motivate local musicians to be more creative and productive by setting up many gigs and gatherings. Beside the Reunion Show series, the Linggau Underground has been organized another gig series i.e. REBEL FEST 1 & 2, and 4 installments of LINGGAU MERASI BERINGAS.


  1. RETALITION (Sungai Penuh, death metal)
  2. TRAGIS (Palembang, Gothic metal)
  3. SECRET UNKNOWN (Palembang, hardcore)
  4. CAWA OF PEOPLE (Pali, pop punk)
  5. KOKO CRUNCH (Curup, metalcore )
  6. HORUS (Curup, Technical death metal)
  7. BRAIN DISORDER (Bengkulu, slamming death metal)
  8. TITISAN ROH JAHAT (Bengkulu, black metal)
  9. UTERUS (Bengkulu, groove metal)
  10. HOLY CIRCLE (Sarolangun, hardcore)
  11. CORPUS ALIENUM (Sarolangun, death metal)
  12. MURDER OF SATAN (Pagaralam, black metal)
  13. RAJEMANDARE(Pagaralam, black metal)
  14. BESI PUTIH (Pagaralam, grindcore)
  15. DEFEATED (Pagaralam, slamming death)
  16. SQUAD VAGINA (Lubuklinggau, Javporngrind)
  17. NO BRAINS (Lubuklinggau, hardrock)
  18. STUDY THE REBEL (Lubuklinggau, punkrock)
  19. 405 NOT FOUND (Lubuklinggau, alternative rock)
  20. LAST VALENTINE (Merasi, metalcore)
  21. CRAZYKIDS (Lubuklinggau, metalcore)
  22. BORN FOR BURN (Lubuklinggau, deathcore)
  23. RYVERTENC (Lubuklinggau, deathcore)
  24. RING OF DEATH (Lubuklinggau, deathcore)
  25. DEVIL OF SICK (Lubuklinggau, black metal)
  26. RADIAL HC (Lubuklinggau, hardcore)
  27. KILL OF REVENGE (Lubuklinggau, deathcore)
  28. JET TEMPUR (Lubuklinggau, grindcore)


For further inquiry about the show, you may contact Riky at 082282651512/ BBM D5CE4270; Eldy FA (AA Rebel Store) at BBM 5E9D9B25; and Agoy Carabines at BBM D1C0FEEC.

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