DISGUSTING CASTIGATION is a brutal death metal act from Ciledug, Tangerang, Banten Province, Indonesia. The group was started as a two-piece band in 2015 by guitarist Nanda Zbastian from now-defunct Kill To Death, and former Chaos Fury drummer Arga Haryanto, both Tangerang-based death metal bands.

The duo were unhappy with their previous bands and agreed to join force forming an unserious fad project, playing brutal death metal oriented music. They maintained to perform on stage as a two-piece band with Nanda did both guitar and singing. He developed his guitar playing in such a way that the bass was unnecessary during live performance.  Their first gig was Torture Metal Fest in Singaparna.

The twosome decided to make the band permanently and recorded their first single Human Godless and another two tunes which were compiled in a demo album, released as a promo pack by Malang-based Necrology Records on November 14, 2015. The recording session took place in Gubuck Gor recording studio, Bogor.

2016 saw a big changing in the band lineup. West Jakarta-based OSCURO‘s frontman Petrus Naibaho was hijacked to fill the vocal position. The trio returned to Gubuck Gor and commencing the band’s full-length debut recording session in November 2016. The debut titled Perpetual Carve On Manifest Torture consists of 9 tracks including the new version of the band’s previous recordings. Owner of Gubuck Gor, guitarist Ridho Leonard from INFITAR, once again, was in charge for the album mixing and engineering. He also did a guitar solo in the new version of Kneeling Demanding Death. While having Petrus recorded the vocal sections, Nanda did the rest including the bass parts. Arga recorded his drums in Rocky Music Studio which lied in the same area.

Nanda Zbastian told about the band and its debut process. The idea for the band’s name was inspired by Germany-based brutal death metal duo Abhorrent Castigation. They changed the word “abhorrent” with “disgusting” since they found it fitted with their then situation. Nanda said he was happy when Petrus joined the band, as he could do headbanging during live performance again, something that was hard to do while he still acted as the band’s vocalist. Gorgasm, Invercity, and Disavowed are among the bands who give mayor influence to their music.

He cited Tangerang’s ANTITHESIS‘ vocalist Pilus who proposed the debut’s title Perpetual Carve On Manifest Torture. Pilus was also responsible for the album’s lyrics writing. Indonesian famous album cover designer Rudy Gorging Suicide was hired to do the debut layout. Perpetual Carve On Manifest Torture will be released and distributed in the end of February 2017 by Funtech Production Jakarta and Waar Productions Tangerang.

The old versions of Kneeling Demanding Death and Infinite Torture are set to be released this February in Ciledug Brutality Compilation by DG Records.


Petrus Naibaho – vocals (2016 – present)
Nanda Zbastian – guitars (2015 – present)
Arga Haryanto – drums (2015 – present)


Email : nanda.1802saputra(at)
Instagram : DisgustingCastigation_official
Booking: 083804219142/ BBM 54CDCE28
Address: c/o KIAN SANTANG DISTRO, Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur, Kp. Bojong Kunciran Indah-Pinang, Ciledug – Tangerang, Indonesia.



2015 – DISGUSTING CASTIGATION – Demo (Necrology Records, Malang)
2017 – DISGUSTING CASTIGATION – Perpetual Carve On Manifest Torture (Funtech Production, Jakarta; Waar Productions, Tangerang)
2017 – VA – Ciledug Brutality Compilation (DG Records, Tangerang)


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