The prominent East Priangan metal scene Singaparna Corpse Grind will hold a new open air metal and art festival at Lapangan Situ Butak, jalan A.H. Nasution Mangkubumi, Singaparna, Tasikmalaya Regency, West Java Province, on Sunday, March 26, 2017. The new festival billed as PIRACY REJECTION x DRAWING TERROR #3 will incorporate music fair and visual art exhibition.

The Drawing Terror is a famous art festival franchise in East Priangan showcasing eminent illustrators and art-workers from that area who collectively doing artist gathering, art exhibition, workshop and skill sharing. It was started in 2015 at Mie Jongko, Tasikmalaya, organized by Satu Barisan, and followed by the second installment a year later at Metal Gear Distro and Kingdom Teritori, Ciamis, West Java, organized by Draw Pen Ink.

Galih Witono a.k.a. Galih Wak Wak from Singaparna Corpse Grind spoke to www.Musik.or.id about the fest. He said the fest’s main ideas were to promote anti-piracy campaign; to set platform for musicians to show their talents and creativity; to set a music fair which consists of original CDs, tapes and merchandise trading; to support government campaign in encouraging the creative economy industry in Indonesia; and to hold a musicians and artists meeting.

Singaparna Corpse Grind was founded on June 15, 2013 by Bule Machine Tattoo, Masdar Day Torture, the late Heri Ojeg, Den Honda, Galih Wak Wak, Gareng, Ammo Arit, etc. The society has been busy organizing gigs, gathering and social activities since its inception. List of events they created are including jamming party series, Torture Metal Fest (2015), Torture Death Fest (2016), et cetera.

Galih who works as english teacher and singing in Yes or Not band, mentioned lack of sponsorship and difficulty in obtaining concert permit as the fest main problems. But it just have solved and the show will be running smoothly.

Twenty well-established bands are scheduled to play at PIRACY REJECTION x DRAWING TERROR #3. Tanggerang-based death metal act  DISGUSTING CASTIGATION and Jakarta’s OSMED will share the stage to promote their latest albums “Perpectual Carve On Manifest Torture” and “Osmed Promo 2017” respectively.


  1. XTAB ( Bandung, Sundanese Brutal Death Metal)
  2. MURTAD (Bogor, Brutal Death)
  3. DISGUSTING CASTIGATION (Tangerang, Brutal Death)
  4. OSMED  (Jakarta, Brutal Death)
  5. KEJIE ( Jakarta, Death Metal)
  6. CHAOSFURY ( Pamulang, Death Metal)
  7. VISCERAL CADAVERMENT ( Tangerang, Slamming Guttural)
  8. BLEEDING MURDER ( Tasikmalaya, Brutal Death)
  9. RIOT OF SCHOOL ( Tasikmalaya, Hardcore)
  10. SCARY O MONDAY ( Bandung, Post-Hardcore)
  11. BREAD FOR DINOSAURUS ( Singaparna, Deathcore)
  12. ROTTENCORE ( Singaparna, Metalcore)
  13. DISCORPSE ( Singaparna, Technical Death Metal)
  14. DISAPPOINTMENT ( Singaparna, Brutal Death)
  15. BRAIN DECAY ( Singaparna, Slamming Guttural)
  16. GERAM ( Singaparna, Post-Hardcore)
  17. BERNYAWA ( Singaparna, Metalcore)
  18. BLACK VICIOUS ( Singaparna, Progressive Gothic Metal)
  19. SALUMAT ( Cimaragas, Grindcore)
  20. DISSECTING ( Ciamis, Death Metal)

The tickets will be available at the venue entrance for IDR 20K.

For further inquiry about the show, you may contact the show coordinator Rustamli from US Merchandise at 081221204700/BBM 292F77F8, and Husni 089666393483/ BBM D2427797.

The show is supported by Tangerang Brutality, Bogor Brutal Death, Bandung Death Metal (BDM), Pamulang Death Metal, and Tasikmalaya Hardcore Foundation.



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