Party Crew brings back the Number Six

new We Do A Party #6

The Party Crew announces a new date for We Do A Party #6: Night of Distortion. The party will be resumed in Kana Dhapu Kupi this Saturday, 11 May 2013.  The sixth installment has been postponed due to a backlash to the organizer in 27 April 2013, when a bunch of villagers ransacked and interrupted the show when it was about to begin, in  FW Cafe Lhokseumawe.

“We have no clue why the mob stopped the gig. We have had the permit from Head of the Village and some other prominent people around FW Cafe.

Probably because of sentiment, or grudge, or they wanted some money? If the money was the reason, trust me, they did not have any idea how to get it from us!” said Tengku Bima Rafali from the Party Crew.

There will be 22 bands dictating the mosh pit:

– Sacrifice In Vain
– Message From Helena
– I’m Kidding
– Like My Hero
– Killing Squads Monsters
– Cheese Burger Ranger (Langsa)
– Popcorn The Hell
– Barbie In Monster
– Crazy For Fun
– Out From Lies
– Lost At Madagascar
– Balon Gas
– Anti Pati
– Pesta Costa
– Have Fun Together
– Bring we The Poison
– Lazy Bear
– Rise Of Remorse
– Shady Brother
– Victims Lie
– Line Over Stack

For further inquiry about the gig, you can contact Bima (085361151429), or following their twitter account @PartyCrewAceh, or check their official website

The show must go on, the music must go on! We honor Party Crew for their determination, audacity and persistence!  We salute you guys!

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