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CRISPY DUCKS is a promising Acehnese Pop-Punk band that formed in Langsa, East Aceh, in March 2011. conducted an interview with frontman and bassist Helfan, he  reveals the band name origin was suggested by their drummer, Radit.

“The name is catchy, though! Yet, we really love crispy fried ducks! and who don’t?”

The band formed and recorded their first demos while they all were still in junior high school. Helfan asked Radit to play at a local punk gig “We are Not Dead Yet”. Guitarist Auzan joined right before the show.

“None of us were in a band when we formed the Crispy Ducks. We’re still in junior high school that time. So, Crispy Ducks is our first band experience ever.

“We love Blink 182 and Endank Soekamti. They are our biggest influences.”

Another guitarist Muhammad Raja, joined the flock in the early 2012, and co-wrote single Mari Berpesta. A year later, he resigned and replaced by Ichwanul Sofa.

“Raja has more experience than the rest of us. He is like a mentor. Even though he is not in the band, but he’s still assisting us in any occasion.”

Thanks to their five reverbnation tunes, the band gradually increased in popularity in the local underground music scene and gain compliments and respects from wider Acehnese music spectrum.

“Our main aim is to have our own full-length album and being recognized by the national music audiences. And having tours with other national fame. We will work harder for that.”

 Helfan Muhammad – Bass/Vocals/Main songwriter
 Ichwanul Sofa – Guitars/Vocals
 Auzan Aulia – Guitars
 Raditya Nalaputra – Drums/Main lyricist

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