Soerakarta Metalcore Festival 2017 returns as the biggest of its kind in Central Java

Former historical Residency of Soerakarta area is not only famous for its Rock in Solo, one of the biggest metal and rock festivals in Indonesia. The area is also having its metalcore counterpart: the Soerakarta Metalcore Festival, which has become the most anticipated and biggest metalcore event in Central Java, and one of the most respected metalcore festivals in Indonesia.

This year, the Soerakarta Metalcore Festival returns for its fifth consecutive year.  Metalcore fans should give more credit to the the creator of the festival, SKMC Movement,  for over recent years has been maintaining to organize the fest annually, without any giant sponsor exist. Now, the fest has been growing in popularity, and keeps on growing.

Artikel mengenai even ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Festival Metalcore terbesar di Jawa Tengah hadir kembali di Surakarta

The Soerakarta Metalcore Festival 2017 will take place on Sunday, July 30, 2017 at the perfect asylum for metalcore music enthusiasts in Solo: The THR Sriwedari. Over seventeen laudable and esteemed metalcore acts from around Java and Bali are scheduled to rock the show.

Read article about the festival roster here: Soerakarta Metalcore Festival 2017 Lineup 

The festival spokesperson M. Reza Alfa Septian in his interview with told the SKMCFEST was organized for the first time in 2013, at Hall Taman Balekambang Surakarta.

Reza who is known under moniker Kunchung said the festival aims to motivate metalcore musicians to stay productive and active. He added the fest was his brainchild, began when he resided in Jakarta in 2010 to pursue higher education at Astra Manufacturing Polytechnic, and established a virtual community in social-media labeled Indonesian Metalcore.

The virtual community gained respect and attention from musicians, media, fans and other metal communities. He made it into a regional community and collected info about bands and events then shared and publicized news about metalcore movements and bands in Indonesia.

He disclosed the SKMCFEST Movement was established in 2010. The society has held events such as the annual SKMCFEST festival since 2013, Trough Our Struggle (2015), Radio Show Road to SKMCFEST 2016, Solo Metal Fest (2016).

Reza Khuncung formerly played in a metalcore band Story in Fast. The band released debut full-length album in 2015 then went on hiatus. Reza now manages the Solo-based metalcore act Salahuddin Al Ayubi.



FAT IN DIET  (Ungaran)
FEAR CRISIS  (Jakarta)
SABRA CADABRA (Yogyakarta)
NEUROBIAN (Banten)  
DEAD FAINT (Pasuruan)
LOST OF FEARS (Blitar)  
RECYCLE (Yogyakarta)
TERMITE (Karang Anyar)  


This event is supported by  Metaleader Store, Nero Music Studio, The City of Surakarta, THR Sriwedari Solo, All Communities in Greater Solo, Indonesian Metalcore Band, SoloRadio SmashYourAss, Belukar, Jackhammer, SG Boga, Copa Copy, Orthus, Forinstinc, Insanity & GeniusMerch, Warrior Pride, Couster, Sinkink Pride, Rown Dvsn, Badsiner, Patch Off, Distroyer, Kit Walker, Daxos, Syafina Chicken’z, and DimeSide Hardcase.

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