Death Vomit to headline Selatan Beringas 4

Indonesian death metal veteran from Yogyakarta Death Vomit will top the bill Selatan Beringas 4 this Sunday, July 16, 2017 at Balai Desa Kalirejo front yard, Undaan, Kudus, Central Java. The show is organized by Babalan Metal Sindikat.

Eight big names and up-and-coming metal bands will accompany Death Vomit at the very show i.e. Devormity, Menstrual Disconsumed, Dissecting, Killer of Gods, Brain Decay, Cassandra, Fester Infection and R.O.H.

Artikel mengenai even ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Death Vomit jadi headliner di Selatan Beringas 4

Death Vommit literally has forged a legacy in Indonesian metal music history, after releasing two high-acclaimed full-length albums The Prophecy (2006) and Forging a Legacy (2014).  They have played and headlined many prominent music shows in Indonesia and aboard, including tours in Australia, Japan, and other cities in South East Asia.

Formed in Yogyakarta in 1995 by Dede Suhita (vocals), Wilman Taufiq (guitars), Ary (bass) and Roy Agus (drums), the latest formation consists of Sofyan Hadi (vocals, guitars), Oki Haribowo (bass) and Roy Agus (drums).

The band is currently writing new song for upcoming third album, their Facebook wrote on May 25 this year.

Bandung-based death metal act Devormity has just released a promotional CD titled Satir last February, preceding their upcoming sophomore full-length album. The band gained public attention after releasing EP Suffering Inhuman the Impalement (2011) and debut studio album Revolusi dan Agresi (2014, Extreme Souls Production).

Devormity  was founded on December 20, 2009 by Ferry Lukman Hakim (guitars), Rajiv Rizal Sidik (vocals), Ekky Vebriana (bass), and Redda Junjunan Safari (drums). Sadly, the band lost Rajiv right before the debut release. The frontman and his 10-years old brother Revan Cipta Pamungkas were murdered by strangling on May 15, 2014. The murderer was caught two months later.

Karnak’s vocalist Rizkia Al Ghifari fronts Devormity now.

Selatan Beringas 4 attendees will watch the appearance of one-man band Menstrual Discomsumed. Rizky Adhitya Nugroho (known under moniker Nugek) will rock the show with set list comprises songs from debut Consuming the Infinite Rancidity and possibly from upcoming EP titled Enslaving Debauched Mass.

Founded in 2013 Jember by Nugek (guitars,vocals), Zay Haris (bass), and Trendy Arga (drums), it became a one-man band after Zay and Arga parted ways in 2014. Nuged relocated to Jakarta since that time, and now resides in Kediri.

To date, he has released a promotional CD titled Promo CD 2015 in October 2015 and a full-length album Consuming the Infinite Rancidity, both were published by Brutal Infection Records.

Reincarnation of Hydra (R.O.H.) is the only Kudus-based death metal act to participate at the very show. Founded in 2012 by guitarist Adie Kusuma, the band has released a single titled Pembantaian Berdarah in 2016, and listed in split album Sonus Abortivum Vol. 1, along with Torturing Quietly , Nervagust , and Soul of Slamming, released by Stillborn Records on May 12, 2016.

R.O.H. now welcomes back its founding member Adie Kesuma, after left the band in 2015 to pursue career in a tuna fishing vessel around South Pacific Ocean. The band also will play with new vocalist for the first time after frontwoman Nizniz quit for undiclosed reason, the band’s Facebook announced on July 12.

The band’s last formation consists of Adie Kusuma (guitars), Beck (guitars), Feri (vocals), Najib (bass) and Iskak (drums).

A newcomer in Indonesian extreme music spectrum, Ciamis-based Dissecting, has been on tour to promote their debut two singles, enclosed in a promotional CD titled Promo 2017, released in March.

The initial formation comprises Robby (drums), Aditya (guitars) and Diez (bass).

Eastbreath Records’ signee Semarang-based Killer of Gods will showcase a set list comprises songs from their second full-length album Mental Retardation Force, released last year on May 24. The band debut Replica to Hell was released in June 2013 by No Label Records.

Founded in 2011, the current line up consists of Muhammad Yasin Yusuf (drums), Solichin (guitars), Muhammed Luthfi Al Hakim (bass), Reka Setya Mahadika (guitars), Bocil Arga (vocals).

Cassandra, death metal act from Magelang is in the dawn of  launch its debut full-length album Sistematis Manipulasi. The launch party will take place at Inzome Studio, Magelang on this Monday, July 17, 2017.

Last February, it has released single Sistematis Manipulasi to precede future debut album with the same title.

Founded in 2016, Cassandra’s initial line up consisted of Sigit (vocals), Candra (guitars), Adi (guitars), Machin Musyafak (bass) and Abaz Hadi Baskoro (drums). Adi quit the band subsequently and replaced by David Amb.


Muhammad Ali Nor Fuad (known under alias Tro Ge Mo) in recent interview with said Selatan Beringas is an alliance of underground communities in Kudus, founded on August 24, 2014. The alliance consists of Babalan Metal Sindikat, Indonesian Metalhead South Korea, Prawoto Death Metal, Glagah Grind Core, Undaan Metal Squad and Kutuk Corpse Grinder.

The Selatan Beringas gig series was started on August 24, 2014 at Balai Desa Kalirejo Hall, followed by the second installment a year later at KNPI Building, Kudus. The third edition was held on July 24, 2016 at Taman Kerida Kudus.

Along with the Selatan Beringas series, the alliance also organized and supported Kutuk Bising and Prawoto Metal Fest. The latter was held on July 9, 2017 at Balai Desa Prawoto front yard.



CASSANDRA (Magelang)
R.O.H (Kudus)

On the spot ticket is sold for IDR 50K. The organizer provided early bird tickets in two phases: IDR 35K (from 6 to 30 April), and IDR 40K (from 1 May to 30 June).

For further detailed information about the show, you may contact Dudud at 082329050666.

The Selatan Beringas 4 is supported by Indonesian Metalhead South Korea, Prawoto Death Metal, Glagah Grind Core, Undaan Metal Squad, Kutuk Corpse Grinder, Metalgear Death Merch, Garasi Hitam Production, Metal Blora Bersatu, Lobran Community, Kudus Laskar Kegelapan and Es Degan Muria.


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