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I HATE SLOW is an electro power rock act from Bireuen. Founded in March 2012 by former Skyscraper’s frontman Nanda following the band’s dissolution right after releasing two singles. Nanda asked his former Skyscraper bandmates Awie (guitars) and Aan (drums) to join his new band (the name was still left undecided). Nanda also doubled the band’s bass position. 

Awi proposed I HATE SLOW for the band name and immediately accepted by rest of the members. Nanda’s Flammers Studio in Matang Glumpang Dua became their headquarter.

Rizky, Nanda’s high school classmate, was recruited as the band’s synthesizer player. A debut demo “Terima Kasih Tuhan” was released in May 2012. A tune which was recorded in “melayu total” style.

Months later, Nanda gave up his bass duty and drafted Joel, a Flammers Studio’s regular jammer to fill the vacant bass position. The now-five-piece  I HATE SLOW then adopted electro-power-rock as their main genre. The band started to perform in some local gigs, and having a chance to engage in a major event in Banda Aceh, Aceh Expo 2013.

I HATE SLOW finished their debut mini album HISTORIOGRAPHY ini 7 January 2014. The whole tunes were produced and engineered by Roji Zumara from Fractal Studio Banda Aceh.

HISTORIOGRAPHY was released on reverbnation for free download.

Nanda cited Endank Soekamti, Pee Wee Gaskin and Netral as their biggest influences.

Current Lineup

Nanda – vocals
Awie – guitars
Joel – bass
Rizky – synthesizer
Aan  – drums

Social Media

Facebook – I HATE SLOW
Twitter – @IHateSlow_ID
Reverbnation – I Hate Slow

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