Wind City metalheads to witness Nganjuk Total Underground 2

Nganjuk Underground Society and The Nganjuk Regency’s Office of Culture and Tourism team up to hold the second issue of Nganjuk Total Underground. The show will take place on Sunday, July 30, 2017 at Taman Rekreasi Anjuk Ladang (TRAL), Nganjuk Stadium, East Java, starting from 9 AM to 5 PM.

This is the first time for local government to get involved in an underground gig, marks a good sign for future underground music development in the area. This year’s theme is “Wind City – Underground Reunion”. Wind City is the moniker of Nganjuk.

Artikel mengenai even ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapt dibaca di tautan berikut: Nganjuk Total Underground 2 

Twenty one high spirited bands will be showcased at this very show.  Karma Inggil, a hardcore act, is scheduled to launch debut album Tertindas Beringas on that occasion.

Actually, Tertindas Beringas was released digitally on March 24 last year on the band’s ReverbNation account. To make differed from the digital version, two new songs are added on the physical album version.

Karma Inggil was founded in 2013 by Hariyanto (vocals) after quitting his previous Bandung-based hardcore act Voltus Victim. He met Yogi (guitars), Kukuh (bass), Aldi Krisna Bayu (guitars) and Shandy S Wijaya (drums), and them asked to join force to form a new hardcore band.

Nganjuk death metal veteran Geggar Otak will play at the very show, with set list comprises tracks from 2013 debut Avaricious Creature, released by Jakarta-based independent label Brutal Infection Records.

The band was established in 1999 by Didik Siswantara, Edy Hembing, Yudi Gembel dan Supri. The latest known formation comprises Yonky Nuril (vocals), Ezza Achmad (guitars), Didik Siswantara (bass) and Muhammad Avan (drums).

Another well-established band that will perform at the very show is Hellraizer. The band is considered the most prolific death metal act in Ngajuk to date with 2 EPs and 2 full-length albums. Hellraizer has released EP Bleeding Tragedy (2009), EP The Fourth Dimension (2011), album Transcendent Transformation (2012), and album Disclosure of Cosmogony: Dawn to the Ruination (2014). The two latter albums were released by Rotten Records and Waar Productions, respectively.

Founded in 2009, the latest formation comprises Rudy Hermawan (drums), Muhammad Rizki Sachroni (guitars), Tino (vocals) and Njonyot (bass).

** conducted an interview with the organizer’s spokesperson Lutfi Hermanto. Lutfi said the first installment of Nganjuk Total Underground was held in June 2013 at GOR Samapta Krida, Rejoso, Nganjuk.

The gig marked the alliance of four prominent underground communities i.e. Nganjuk Extreme Metal, Nganjuk Metal Force, Rejoso Bawah Tanah, and Nganjuk Corpse Grinder.

The new alliance, named Nganjuk Underground Society, aims to unite all underground communities/bands in the area, and to provide a platform for local musicians showcasing their talent and abilities.

Lutfi, founding member/guitarist of Crematoria and Abortus, mentioned the previous difficulties to hold an underground event in Nganjuk: from event permit, expensive venue rental cost, to financial support. But, for this year’s edition, the Government takes care most of the distress. The society expects they could hold more events with the Regency Administration in the future.

He has been directing Nganjuk Extreme Metal since 2010 and taking charge the Nganjuk Underground Society since 2013.

The show will be hosted by Lut BCM and Silla Satanica.



KARMA INGGIL, hardcore
GEGGAR OTAK, death metal
HELLRAIZER, death metal
LARASATI, progresive Gothic metal
CREMATORIA, brutal death metal
ZHEUZS, death core
GAGAL GINJAL, death metal
APPENDIX, brutal death metal
SATAN HITAM, Black metal
ANAL TERROR, porngrind
ANAL SLAUGHTER, slam porngore
KREMANIUM, slam brutal death metal
KHALLUDH, thrash metal
INNOCENCE, doom Gothic romance
RESPATI GETIH, Black metal
DEATH VONIST, death metal
JADZAB, Black metal
FACED, pop punk
THE END – thrash metal


Ticket is available for IDR 10K at the venue entrance. For further inquiry about the show, the organizer can be reached at 085732568625 (texting/WA) or BBM 5B5A1A57.

The Nganjuk Total Underground 2 is supported by Nganjuk Extreme Metal, Nganjuk Metal Force, Rejoso Bawah Tanah, Nganjuk Corpse Grinder, MS10 Syndicate, Brangkulon Metalhead, Madiun Satu Arah, Warujayeng Overhead, BCM TripleSix, DNR Music Studio, Royo Sounds System, Imperium Project, Distressed Production, 717 Digital Sablon, H²O Screen Printing, BloodySick Merchandise, Jham 99 Industries, and Animoust Artwork & Tatto.



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