Indonesia is getting a new world-class metal fest: the Indonesia Death Fest

Jakarta death metal aficionados will be pleased by a new premier death metal extravaganza, brought by OVD Production this year. The new event titled Indonesia Death Fest will take place on July 30, 2017.

Twenty two renowned death metal legions from Indonesia, Singapore and Myanmar will march to South Jakarta, with full-loaded ammo to decimate the most sacred sanctuary for Jakarta metalheads: the Bulungan Outdoor, Blok M.

Big names like Panic Disorder, Jasad, Prosatanica, Kilharmonic and tons more are on the festival current roster, including Singaporean Dante’s Theory and Burmese death metal act Genocide.

Artikel mengenai event ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: OVD Production present Indonesia Death Fest

Indonesian famous metal emcee Allay Error will host the show.

Read article about the Festival Roster here: Indonesia Death Fest Lineup conducted an interview with OVD Production’s owner, Ade Orto van Deus, talked about the show and the production company.

Ade said, the company plans to have a single international music festival for every genre, starting with the death metal music. OVD Production not only invited big names to play at the fest, but also gave chance to up-and-coming groups to play in the very show by held a voting. Band who won the voting would play at the Indonesia Death Fest.

OVD Production was founded on September 25, 2011 by Ade and an undisclosed fellow. They have been held many music shows, with portfolio comprises Monster of Legend (10 editions), Anthem of Death (2 editions), Cengkareng Metal Fest, Sound of Charity, and Indonesia Metal Madness. The sixth installment of Monster of Legend featured Swedish black metal giant Dark Funeral as its headliner. Dark Funeral’s Jakarta show was part of their Asia Satanic War Tour 2012.

When being asked who design the artwork they use for Indonesia Death Fest poster, Ade revealed he forgot since he bought the design 4 – 5 years ago. But, it is clear that Ujang Sastra from Edelweiss Production who finalized the poster with text and anything else.

He stated the company self-fund the fest for almost 100%.


  1. PANIC DISORDER (Jakarta)
  2. JASAD (Bandung)
  3. PROSATANICA (Jakarta)
  4. KILLHARMONIC (Kediri)
  5. ASPHYXIATE (Bekasi)
  6. VOMITOLOGY (Purwokerto)
  8. GEROGOT (Surabaya)
  9. DROP (Tangerang)
  10. SINUSITIS (Jakarta)
  11. GENOCIDE (Myanmar)
  12. KOMATH (Tegal)
  13. DANTE’S THEORY (Singapore)
  14. STAX (Jakarta)
  15. KANDANG KAWAT (Bekasi)
  16. AMNESIA (Cikarang)
  17. ERUPSY (Bali)
  18. ALQASSAM (Jakarta)
  19. ILLUMINATI (Subang)
  20. KEJIE  (Jakarta)
  21. SUFFER INFERNI  (Jakarta)
  22. TERROR OF ZAHRA (Pemalang)

This event is supported by Petir Production, LBP, UASU Bali, Hell Metal Production, Patblas Merchandise, B Entertainment, Klinik Bucek, Garasi Hita, J5UG, Promerch, GitarPlus, BKR, Omen Zone, Gerilya Magazine, IRS Radio, Dapur Letter, Undergroundsync, and MSTRI FM.


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