Dante’s Theory 2-way split with Deathwords out soon on Confuse Records

Indonesian prominent independent label Confuse Records will release a 2-way split album for Singaporean metal act Dante’s Theory and Malang-based hardcore unit Deathwords in cassette tape format. The split album entitled Hallowed Ground will be launched at Cassette Store Day on October 4, 2017.

The cassette contains 5 songs comprises 4 original tracks and 1 cover song from each band. Dante’s Teory submits 4 songs from their second EP Amut, and covers Micha: Those Who Fear Tomorrow from American hardcore/metalcore act Integrity’s 1991 debut album Those Who Fear Tomorrow.

Deathwords submits 2 songs from their 2016 debut EP The Truth Will Be Darker Than Sinning (tracks 3 & 4), and three songs (tracks 1,2 & 5) from their upcoming unknown-title-yet EP, including cover version of Wolverine Blues from Swedish death metallers Entombed’s 1993 album with same title.


Dante’s Theory
1. Qiamat Heretics
2. Iron Coffin
3. Dethroned The Purist
4. Amut
5. Mischa: Those Who Fear Tomorrow (Integrity cover)

1. Abandon the Truth
2. Elegi
3. Unseen
4. Unholy God
5. Wolverine Blue (Entombed cover)

Frontman/founder of Dante’s Theory, Remy spoke about the split album with www.Musik.or.id, he said “I was approached by Confuse Records if Dante’s Theory was keen to do a 2-way split with Indo Malang band Deathwords on collectible cassette form. I agreed, this discussion was back in late April 2017. Just as Dante’s Theory launched our latest 2nd EP ‘Amut‘,”


Dante’s Theory was founded as Pyro in 1992, and put on hiatus in 1999. The band was reactivated in 2004 and released debut EP Ashes of Revenant in 2008.

Then again the band went for another hiatus from 2010 to 2014, since members could no longer handle the band’s hectic performing roster with 2-3 shows on weekends every week, on average every month for two / three years straight.

Remy reformed Dante’s Theory in 2016 with current line up comprises Remy (vocals), Naz (guitars), Aaron (bass) and Karsten (drums).


Malang-based hardcore act Deathwords’ story can be traced back to 2010 in a form of grindcore act Brutal Autis. Brutal Autis was founded by Aan Dary Ahmad Iqbal (vocals), Ahmad Fajar Agung (vocals), Nafis (bass), Riki Andreas Nasution (guitars) and Yogi Priyo Santoso (drums). The band was defunct in 2015 due to some complex reasons, including the demised of their drummer Yogi Priyo Santoso, died by road accident.

Deathwords was formed in the remain of Brutal Autis in 2015 with line up consists of Iqbal (vocals), Riki (guitars), Nafis (bass) and Ghovil Abdillah (drums).

The band has published debut EP The Truth Will Be Darker Than Sinning, released digitally in 2016, and in CD format in March 2017. Deathwords is working for their upcoming second EP now.


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