Ocean Flames launches INFAMY’s new album Harum Scarum

Independent records company from Bandung, Ocean Flames Records, has released technical death metal act INFAMY‘s third album entitled Harum Scarum in digital format on August 18, 2017.

Harum Scarum is Infamy’s first major work after the release of sophomore full-length album Hatremonial in 2012. The album contains seven modern, heavier, progressive and djent-y tracks that define a new muscular, forceful and sagacious Infamy.

An official video for track Constant Paranoia, uploaded on August 13, 2017 to precede the album launch, gives us a glimpse how enormous energy the band possesses, ready to pump any listener’s adrenaline sky-high.

The Harum Scarum recording sessions took place from 2016 to 2017 at two studios: the Escape Studio Bandung for drums recording and the rest at Pathetichut Recording Studio, a sister company of Ocean Flames Records.

Irza Nugraha engineered the drum takes and M. Irvan “Ririp” Fauzan did everything else. Along with Infamy, Ririp also produced the whole tracks.

Frontman Andri Maryana was assigned to design the cover art, with Dwi J Wibowo handled the still photography.

The album marks guitarist Ajie Setia Nugraha as the sole original member survivor, since fellow co-founder Toto left the band in the midst of Hatremonial recording sessions.

Harum Scarum also becomes the first endeavor for guitarist Ricky Rizal Fauzy, bassist Ghea Ghufrhoni and drummer Ilham Permana Sidik with Infamy.

In their recent interview with Musik.or.id, Infamy stated the Harum Scarum physical release will be launched in September 2017.

Harum Scarum is available at Oceanflames.com, Spotify and iTunes.

Infamy was founded in 1994 in Bandung. To date, the band has released EP Beyond the Flesh of Innocence (1999), debut eponymous full-length album (2004), and sophomore full-length album entitled Hatremonial in 2010. The band has three official music videos for singles Blind Illusion (2013), The Last Pray (2013), and Constant Paranoia (2017).




  1. Harum Scarum
  2. The Vendetta
  3. Enigma
  4. Ascent Of The Blessed
  5. Constant Paranoia
  6. Asylum
  7. March Of The Titans



Produced by M. Irvan Fauzan and Infamy for Ocean Flames Records

Written and arranged by Infamy

Engineered, mixed and mastered by M. Irvan Fauzan at Pathetichut Recording Studio, except drums recorded by Irza Nugraha at Escape Studio.
Cover art by Andri Maryana and Infamy
Photography by Dwi J. Wibowo

The Band:

Ajie Setia Nugraha – guitars
Andri Maryana – vocals
Ricky Rizal Fauzy – guitars
Ghea Ghufrhoni – bass
Ilham Permana Sidik – drums




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