Pasuruan Under Division releases Noisemore Compilation Vol. 1

Pasuruan Under Division has released the first volume of Noisemore Compilation CD on August 6, 2017, whose tracks coming from bands around the Greater Pasuruan and Australia. The compilation is considered as a giant leap for one of the most prominent underground societies in Pasuruan, in achieving their main goal to promote and to develop local underground scenes, et cetera.

Sixteen tracks are listed in the very album, featuring Australian Flaming Wreckage and Deraign as special “guest stars”.

Artikel mengenai album ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Kolaborasi band Pasuruan dan Australia di Noisemore Compilation Vol. 1


Track Listing

Labium Minora – Coryhaeus Spreader Hatred
Flaming Wrekage (Australia) – Uncommon Sense 
Berantai – Garis Dominan
Deraign (Australia) – Uncommon Sense
Bleedingof Disability
Bipang – Killing A Traitor
Rebel Party – This is party
BegalGrind Addict
Besi TuaWarehouse Rotten Flesh
Intracerebral HemorrhageKilling Machine
Hyperteroid – J.A.N.C.O.K 
Dead Faint – Black Liberty
Hysteroctomy Saladin
Bejat – Muak “Otak Busuk”
Syndroma NefroticCarcass Of The Massacre Remnants
Cactus Enemy – Replika Metamorfosa

Noisemore is actually a gig series owned by Pasuruan Under Division and Whiplash Records, exclusively hosting some Australian bands during their Indonesian tours in Pasuruan.

The first installment of Noisemore was held on September 21, 2016, hosting two Adelaide-based rock acts Cobra and now-defunct Devil’s Crossroad. The bands had 8 dates in total on their Indonesia Tour 2016.

Noisemore #2 was held on October 21, 2016 featuring two Queensland-based thrash metal acts Deraign and Kaustic Attack, who were on Indonesian Assault Tour 2016 to promote their two-way split entitled Pointless Lies.

The third issue of Noisemore hosted the Sydney-based melodic death metal act Flaming Wreckage‘s first date of Indonesian Tour to promote their sophomore full-length album From Flesh to Dust, on March 17, 2017.

All fourteen local bands in the compilation album are Noisemore gigs veterans.

Current leader of Pasuruan Under Division Ade Pratama Wicaksono in his interview with said the compilation album pre-production started in March 2017, right after Noisemore #3 completed. Ade cited fellow Jombang-based Herman Bimz suggested the idea to make the compilation album.

The bands were asked to submit their works before May 31, 2017.

The society released physically the Noisemore Compilation Album in limited number, but let them to be heard freely on their official website

Pasuruan Under Division was established in 2010 as a metalhead community in Greater Pasuruan area. Hyperteroid founder/guitarist Anjar “Aira” Findi Hermawan was appointed as the society’s first leader until 2012.

Fahmy, former bassist/frontman of Jakarta-based Freizin Terror succeeded Aira from 2012 to 2014, when Ade Pratama superseded him until now.

Ade Pratama is known as Pasuruan-based brutal death metal Berantai’s frontman/co-founder.

The Noismore Vol. 1 is supported by Whiplash Records, Kiri Kanan Handmade, East Desire Visual, Jeleks Records, and Pasuruan Death Metal.





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