Desperado to release debut Distorsi Hura-Hura

Cirebon-based hardcore act Desperado will release debut full-length album entitled Distorsi Hura-Hura on August 6, 2017, in a launch party dubbed Bandidos Party, at Gedung Kesenian Rarasantang, Bima Stadium Complex, Cirebon.

Distorsi Hura-Hura contains eleven tracks with genre varies from rock, hip hop, punk, heavy metal, grindcore, and some black metal, with humorous lyrics talk about daily life and social issues.

The band produces the album themselves, and recorded it at Ouval Musik Studio and Freak Music Studio, Cirebon. The records were engineered and mixed by Agung and Handy 13 from Freak Studio.

Artikel mengenai perilisan album ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Desperado siap rilis debut Distorsi Hura-Hura

Frontman Luckman Hakim who in this album credited as El Toro, spoke to about this album. He said the songwriting process began from core musics mainly composed by guitarist Reza a.k.a Don Juan, and some from El Toro. The band then arranged all tracks in their own jamming studio, the Extreme Music Studio. All lyrics were written by El Toro.

El Toro cited Giyang from Jerks Lab Cirebon as the cover art designer.

The album will be released and distributed by Biji Kopi Records.

Desperado was founded in 2014 from the ashes of the personnel’s previous project Badai Gurun. The band line up consists of El Toro (vocals), Don Juan (guitars), La Pedros (bass) and Carlitos (drums).

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Track Listing:

1 . Janda Bahenol
2 . Cover Boy From Hell
3 . Antara Aku,Kau & Togel
4 . Buncit Itu Sexy
5 . Mang Tuku Es
6 . Cinta Ditolak Dukun Bertindak
7 . Kejepit Sleting
8 . Akibat Beras Raskin
9 . Digoda Bencong
10. Obat Kuat Toko Akyong
11. Nenekku Pecandu Distorsi (Bonus Track)


Produced by Desperado

The band:
El Toro –  vocals
Don Juan – guitars
La Pedros – bass
Carlitos – drums

Engineered, mixed and mastering by Agung and Handy 13 from Freak Studio
Cover by Giyang from Jerks Lab Cirebon

Guest musicians:

Jimmy Cupid Voice – lead guitar on Buncit Itu Sexy.
Handy 13 – lead guitar on Cinta Ditolak Dukun Bertindak.
Rita Ariadila – backing vocal on Buncit Itu Sexy and Cinta Ditolak Dukun Bertindak.
Pay Genocide – backing vocal on Kejepit Sleting.
Aziz Mumbul – backing vocal on Obat Kuat Toko Akyong.


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