Review: Reliefs debut “Journey” is a “Realita” of “Kita Bisa”

Journey is Sukabumi-based rock act Reliefs debut full-length album, independently released on July 16, 2017. This album contains 7 tracks whose music varies from pop, rock, hardcore, metal, dance to hiphop.

The album starts with a track titled Intro, which actually is a real intro for following song Mistake. Mistake is leaded by two screamers in a groovy riff and heavily veiled by synths, followed by catchy refrains from frontwoman Nova Septa, that for sure, is their trademark for the whole album.

A radio friendly Pain Fully is a potential big hit for Reliefs. Again, catchy melancholic refrains in this song give you a hook with the band. Nova’s laid back attitude, deadly breakdowns, killer guitar riffs, wed-locked drums and bass, and synths ornaments fulfill a complete requirement to be a chart topper.

Read Reliefs launches debut full-length album “Journey”

Nova Septa’s angelic voice accompanied by synths and drum loops on track number four Bring Me Down, really suggest me to close my eyes, and induce my mind to travel to another dimension. The first two third of this song pacifies and comforts me until the rest is coming up. The congenial guitar solo makes me eargasm. I cannot deny this pop-rock-approaching tune is my favorite in this album.

The first song with Bahasa Indonesia lyrics Kita Bisa is presumably written in the same breath of Mistake and Pain Fully. Incorporating hardcore/metalcore, and synth pop, with screaming vocals and Nova’s euphonious singing, and a bunch of malefic breakdowns, Kita Bisa is “bisa” to lead Reliefs spectators to be aggressive in moshpit until the song reaching disco-style synth-pop solo with hand claps sampling appears in the last quarter, that in my humble opinion, will make them more aggressive! Yeah! Love this song!

A social critique themed Sang Korupsi begins with electronica music then slowly traverse to metalcore passages. This electronicore song also slips in some djent elements such as the palm-muted, and high-gain low-pitch distorted guitars breakdown parts. People in a rave won’t mind to have this song in their party.

Journey’s last song Realita is a dance-able song, suits to be the last song in a set list as a bait for concert attendees asking for encore, or at least, it would remain in one’s mind for quite a long time, enough to make him/her longing for the band.

Journey is a nice hybrid if you ask me, combines pop, rock, hardcore, metal and hip hop in a good amalgamation. rating 85 of 100




Track List

  1. Intro
  2. Mistake
  3. Pain Fully
  4. Bring Me Down
  5. Kita Bisa (Star Reliefs)
  6. Sang Korupsi
  7. Realita


Poduced by Reliefs
Cover art by Abdullah Zein
Engineered and mixed by Wig and Ari
Studio: TR Record Studio, Sukabumi

Reliefs are:

Nova Septa – vocals
Dede Anugrah Bahari – bass
Tasya Julieta Prameswari – guitars
Zachary Yudistira Ardiansyah – guitars
Rizki Syaiful Aziz – drums
Mondy – keyboards

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