Desperado to unveil debut album at Bandidos Party

Gedung Kesenian Rarasantang Cirebon will host a launch party for hardcore act Desperado‘s full-length album entitled Distorsi Hura-Hura on August 6, 2017. Dubbed as Bandidos Party, the event will present eleven fellow bands/performers along with Desperado, sharing the stage from 11 AM to 5 PM.

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Prior to the launch party, Desperado organized a gathering to introduce and to inaugurate their fan base Bandidos on Sunday, July 30, 2017 at Tribun Mini Gedung Kesenian Rarasantang Bima, Cirebon.

There were four new fan clubs declared on the occasion:  Bandidos Warsem, Bandidos Tiber Squad, Ladies Bandidos and Bandidos Street Beatdown Familia.

Artikel mengenai event ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Bandidos Party, Pesta “Distorsi Hura-Hura” musisi Cirebon

Distorsi Hura-Hura is the fruition of the band’s hard works since its inception in 2014. The album contains eleven tracks with genre varies from rock, hip hop, punk, heavy metal, grindcore, and some black metal, with humorous lyrics talk about daily life and social issues.

The album will be released and distributed by Biji Kopi Records.

Cirebon-based hardcore act Desperado was founded from the ashes of the personnel’s previous project Badai Gurun. The band line up consists of El Toro (vocals), Don Juan (guitars), La Pedros (bass) and Carlitos (drums).

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SCREAM IN BUBBLE (Bandung, Deathcore)
DEATH IN FATE (Jakarta, Metalcore)
NIHIL (Indramayu, Hardcore)
TERSERAH KAMI (Cirebon, Metalcore)
GENOCIDE THE KRAKEN (Cirebon, Technical Death Metal)
BACOT HC (Cirebon, Chaos Hardcore)
THE WARKUT (Cirebon, Hardcore)
BEKISAR MERAH (Cirebon, Hardcore Punk)
DJ INJIW (Cirebon, Female Dj)
PARANOID DELUSION (Cirebon, Death Grind)

Ticket is available for IDR 25K plus a Distorsi Hura-Hura CD.

This event is supported by Freak Studio, Biji Kopi Record, Overblast Distro, Rockaholic Distro, Metallion, Kaos Polos Mashen, Jahat, Progressive Distro, Seven Deadly Shit, C Creative, Necro Merch, Raden Distro, Forkoci, Berandalan Kampoeng, Cbhc Merch, Moregan Extreme, Ruang Sablon, I Hate Gunz Merch, Trustick, Sinau Art, House Of Candela, Road To Sec, Libra Las, and LA6.



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