Event: Aceh Metal Fest 2013

Aceh Metal Fest

Aceh Bawah Tanah announces, the highly anticipated metal gig in Aceh Province this year, Aceh Metal Fest will be held on August, 24 2013, in Gedung KNPI Lhokseumawe.  This first annual metal fest will showcase 23 extreme bands from various cities in Indonesia.

The event front-runner, Ojes Mati Suri from Aceh Utara Death Metal reveals to acehmusician.org about the gig:

“We have aims to present a memorable show to the people, and  to spread a message: Aceh is in peace! And most of the people here are very relax about the underground music activities.”

The fest will be a momentum for Acehnese metalheads to neutralize the negative stereotypes associated with metal musics, such as  promoting violence and anarchism.

“On the contrary, Acehnese metal scenes encourage their elements to promote peace and unity!”

The Aceh Metal Fest’s Line-Up:

  1. Mati Suri (Lhokseumawe)
  2. NECROBLAST (Medan)
  3. PARLODES (Serbalawan)
  4. Komponen Neraka (Pematang Siantar)
  5. DIRTY BLOOD (Lhokseumawe)
  6. Death Corpse Funeral (Medan)
  7. Rapunzel MC (Medan)
  8. Bloody Extreme (Lhokseumawe)
  9. Tragedi Dunia Hitam (Lhokseumawe)
  10. Killa The Phia (Banda Aceh)
  11. SHITAKE (Banda Aceh)
  12. CLOWN NANGGROE (Banda Aceh)
  14. BRIGTHNESS OF MANY (Lhokseumawe)
  15. MORE OF ANGER (Lhokseumawe)
  16. NECROPHILIA (Lhokseumawe)
  17. ERROR INSTINCT  (Lhoksukon)
  18. TRANSILVANIA (Lhoksukon)
  19. PURE INSANITY (Lhoksukon)
  20. JACK THE RIPPER (Lhokseumawe)
  21. GODGORE (Cibinong)
  22. HARAM (Medan)
  23. Burning Corpse (Lhoksukon)

For further inquiry about the event, you can contact Ojes at +62 819 1957 7727 and email acehbawahtanah@yahoo.com.

This event is supported by:

Aceh Utara Death Metal, Gabungan Musisi Aceh (GMA), Andrea Music Studio, Prapatan Rebel, Middle Finger Clothes, Biji Kopi Record, Illuminatus Zine, Contradiction, and Human Mindless Art.


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