Event: Im Kidding’s 3rd Anniversary Concert

Im Kidding's 3rd Anniversary Concert

The Lhokseumawe-based pop-punk fame, Im Kidding will commemorate its 3rd anniversary with a concert on 26 October 2013. The concert will feature 34 bands from Lhokseumawe, Bireuen, Langsa and Medan. The KNPI Building is scheduled to hold the party.

Im Kidding’s frontman Bima Rafarali stated to acehmusician.org about the concert:

“Actually, this is a two-become-one concert. We have merged Im Kidding’s birthday concert and Strong Like Soldier gig. We are very proud and honored. We have supports from all our music-buddies.”

Party Crew who’s  in charge for prior Birthday concert, have met a mutual agreement with Ka Neu Bie, whose Strong Like Soldier gig would have held on 18 October 2013. The agreement contains an amalgamation of two concerts, and merging them into a big concert, by pooling both parties’ resources.

Darinza Ramadhan from Ka Neu Bie has confirmed the merger and said “Ka Neu Bie and Party Crew will host the very gig. Hopefully it will bring joy and good spirits to all Lhokseumawerian music fans.”

The gig is named  3rd Anniversary Im Kidding [sic]. The entrance fee is Rp 10K plus a sticker (door) and  Rp 7K (pre-sale).  A discount is given for purchasing two tickets for only Rp 15K. For additional information, you can contact 085361151429 (Bima), 085371901297 (Darinza), and 08566000171 (Tasnil).

Im Kidding was formed on 15 October 2010 by T Bima Rafarali (vocals, guitars) , Isan (bass), Azumar (guitars) and Rendy (drums). Read the article about the band’s profile here: Profile: Im Kidding


Concert Line-up:

– Im Kidding
– Sacrifice In Vain
– Message From Helena
– Next Me Zhanalena (Medan)
– Style Anvient Kids (Medan)
– Dirty Blood
– Crazy For Fun
– Killing Squads Monster
– Like My Hero
– Rise Of Remorse
– MukaBasi (Bireuen)
– The Origin Of Panda (Bireuen)
– Popcorn From Hell
– The Walking Dead
– Line Over Stack
– Forgetting Of Death
– 29MyAge (Langsa)
– Saturday Night (Bireuen)
– One Good Feeling
– Barbie In Monster
– I Don’t Care
– Krebo Rebel
– Pure Insanity
– Teror of Blood
– More Of Anger
– Class Monster
– Midori
– Brightness Of Many
– Risense Of Silence
– Story With Friend
– Deredy Brother
– Achieving Dream
– Destroy Hypocrisy

The Concert is supported by Gabungan Musisi Aceh (GMA),  Dunia Indie, Party Crew Media, BRLebel, RNLS, Cloth (JOGJA), Gapok (Medan), OverlistFamily (Medan), MitiMusik, DAY DREAM Cloth, and BIMS ART.

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