Shout Keepers release lyric video for single Blood Stage

Hardcore punk band from South Tambun – Bekasi Shout Keepers has released their first lyric video to accompany single Blood Stage on May 29, 2017 at the band’s Youtube channel. The single is taken from debut EP Aliansi//Alliance, released on March 30, 2017 by Bandung-based independent label Hadeath Records.

The lyric video is made by dropping a bunch of still photographs and turned them into animated clips that flow very well. Guitarist/founding member Awank RCDC directed and edited the lyric video in May 2017.

Awank used a collection of the band’s pictures from 2012 to present, and convert them into comic-book-alike art.

Blood Stage is the way we express our feeling about the ‘true hardcore kid’ who has been synergized with us”, said Awank to in recent interview.

Shout Keepers commenced Aliansi//Alliance recording sessions from June 2015 to May 2016. Four tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered by Alfano Michael at Rush Record, Bekasi. Arief80slut did the cover artwork.

Track list:

  1. Blood Stage (music and lyric by Awank)
  2. Tangkap Hajar  (music and lyric by Awank)
  3. Kerangka Baja (music by Benk and Kake, lyric by Awank and D.B.H)
  4. The Lion Roars (music and lyric by Awank)

Four guest musicians engaged the band in Aliansi//Alliance.

Cheko and Nightdog from Cianjur-based rap duo D.B.H recorded their vocals on track Kerangka Baja. Febriano Alqarana Reza Saputra (known under moniker Rhez) from Yogyakarta’s post-hardcore act Halfway to The Grave sang on Tangkap Hajar, and Soulare’s frontman Indra Suryo Zarkayef recorded his voice on The Lion Roars.

The hardcore punk signature back shout was recorded by Street Fighter Familia.

Shout Keepers were founded in 2012 by Racer Dancer’s guitarist Awank, Aldino (vocals), and Kiki (drums). The band current formation consists of  Awank (guitars), Konx (drums), Benk (guitars), Kake (bass) and frontwoman Gita.

The band is heavily influenced by Hatebreed, Wolfdown, Terror and Madball.

Check the video below:



Blood stage

Meledak ledak semangat liar,
Detak jantung ini berlari semakin cepat
Tangan mengepal keras menghantam,
Berani terus maju menyerang dan melawan

Blood stage…Arena darah
Blood stage…Energi bersama
Blood stage…Arena darah
Blood stage…Ekspresi berbahaya
Eksistensi dan loyalty,
Hilangkan rasa sakit perih maupun luka
Tak kenal lelah selalu bertahan,
Walau keringat tubuh sudah bercampur darah

Back to,


Luapan emosi secepat peluru panas,
Garis nadi terlihat semakin jelas
Walau berat beban
Menghimpit dan menghadang,
Kami disini berdiri untuk kalian



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