Grombyang Aggression, an underground compilation album from Pemalang

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The underground movement in Pemalang Regency is considered as one of the most recognized in Central Java Province. Many bands who play own materials have been lingering not only in the regency, but in other cities and provinces.

A compilation CD initiated by two prominent Pemalang underground activists tells us about the significant development in the area. Consisted of twenty tracks flavored with various genres, the album is a proof how creative musicians from regency which lies on the north coast of Central Java are.

The Grombyang Aggression compilation CD aims to promote the culture and tourism of Pemalang Regency in our own way, said Junaedi from Bingkai Berisik, a label company which was set up to publish the CD exclusively.

He explained grombyang is coming from Nasi Grombyang, a famous dish that is commonly associated with Pemalang Regency. He expected people will recognize Pemalang more from the album.

Juna who plays bass for heavy metal act Monolith revealed the idea behind the compilation was appeared in January 2017 when he and fellow Budi Bondowoso had a discussion about finding a way to release albums of local musicians. They understood the easy way to materialize the idea was by starting making a compilation album first, plus they could find out how many active and prolific bands around the area.

They started a new venture Bingkai Berisik Record on February 5, 2017. The compilation project itself was commenced in March 2017. Juna and Budi contacted fellow musicians around Pemalang and gained positive feedback. Twenty bands agreed to join the project.


Track List (in alphabetical order)

1. BATU NISANTobato Manungso
2. BONDOWOSOSyair Kematian
4. DIERUCTIONNaluri Binatang
5. DISPATANYKejem Nemen
6. FIRASATBala Tentara
7. KING OF DEATHHidup Penuh Maksiat
8. MAGIZKutukan Kegelapan
9. MEGALITHOblivion
10. NONAMEVomiting Bloods
11. NURANI SENJAKehampaan
12. NYATUSMargi Gesang Dughi Sedho
13. ORGAN INTIMAmis Lendir Darah
14. PATIGENI 666Ajian Mliwis Putih
15. RAJJAH666Duso Manungso
16. RAPUNZELLRatapan Siksa Sang Pendosa
17. RIWAYAT Panas Api Neraka
18. SUN OF TRAGEDY Mimpi Tak Tergenggam.
19. SAVE IN HEARTSujud Suci

Juna who owns UrbanSquad Merchandise and an avid illustrator, designed the cover art and layout.

He added the Grombyang Aggression compilation CD will be officially released on June 19, 2017.

The CD is available for IDR 40K and can be purchased by contacting Junaedi at  087730024238 or Budi Bondowoso at BBM 2BDD2C7E.


A launch party is planned to hold in near time.

The album is supported by Pemalang Underground, Pemalang Metalhead, Comal Underground Community, Silaturahmi Massa Hitam, Pasukan Metal Ogah Tua, and UrbanSquad Merch.


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