Ibukota Kami Punya presents Gothic Black Fest 4

Following the success of Jakarta Keras metal/rock fest, Jakarta-based event collective Ibukota Kami Punya will hold its second concert this year titled Gothic Black Fest 4 on Sunday, May 21, 2017.

This year’s issue marks the return of the event series to Bulungan, after two previous editions held at Bumi Perkemahan Ragunan and Bens Radio, respectively.

Seventeen Gothic and black metal bands are scheduled to play in Bulungan Outdoor, Jakarta. The event will be co-headlined by Moses Bandwidth, Getah, Drosophila and Batu Nisan.

Indramayu-based symphonic Gothic/death metal Moses Bandwidth is known for their productive recording output, having published 9 full-length albums, 3 compilations, 2 EPs and 3 DVDs, since 2005. The band is perhaps the most prolific run in last decade of our rock music industry history.

Founded and motorized by guitarist LaVey Junior in 2003, the band has had many lineup changes since. Current formation consists of LaVey Junior (guitars), Yudi (bass), Ameth Hellwine (keyboards), Awak Anggara (drums), Deny (guitars) and Nourma (vocals).

Indonesian Goth rock/metal veteran Getah is noted for their flamboyant frontmen and superb materials, who help them galvanizing cult following. Getah was founded as a supergroup in 1995 by former Rotor and Bottom Up personnel Marcel Marcive (bass), Jodie Gondokusumo (vocals), Reeve (drums) and Boy Faisal (guitars).

The band was on the brink of disbanding when Jodie died in 2002. Syc Minded‘s frontman Oddie Octaviadi revamped Getah when he joined the band in 2005. Now the band comprises Oddie (vocals), Marcel Wetik (bass), Peter St. John (guitars, synthesizer), and Alfa Putra (guitars).

To date, they have released two albums Getah (1996) and Release is Peace (2008).

Jogjakarta-based black/doom metal veteran Drosophila was formed in December 1997. None of its original members is in the current line up.

The band has released EP Frozen Inside (2007), studio album Blood Tears of Mother Nation (2011), and DVD Anxiety Disorder (2016). Recent formation consists of Erly (bass), Safik (guitars), Inthan (vocals), and Topaz (drums).


The Gothic Black Fest gig series previously were held by Celepuk Entertainment and certain partners, but now the event management teams up with Cilandak Familia and Jagakarsa Metal Troops to form Ibukota Kita Punya.

Yoyo FOD from Celepuk Entertainment in his interview with www.Musik.or.id stated the idea behind the show was to provide a gig platform to Gothic and black metal bands around Jakarta.

He revealed the first edition was held in May 2014 at Bulungan Outdoor by Celepuk and OVD Production. The partnership continued at the Gothic Black Fest 2, a year after. This time took place at Bumi Perkemahan Ragunan.

Celepuk joined force with Jagakarsa Metal Troops to organize the third issue in May 2016 at Bens Radio, Jakarta.

Yoyo added, Ibukota Kami Punya had scheduled to perform a black metal band from Bali who blends traditional Bali music elements and black metal music, and incorporating Balinese traditional dances.

But, the date was called off due to one of its pivotal personnel having fractured bones in an accident.



  1. Moses Bandwith (Indramayu, Gothic metal)
  2. Misanthropic Imperium (Malang, black metal)
  3. Getah (Jakarta, Gothic metal)
  4. Drosophila (Jogjakarta, Gothic metal)
  5. Brezier (Kudus, black metal)
  6. Batu Nisan (Pemalang, Gothic metal)
  7. Astana (Majalengka, Gothic metal)
  8. Almarhum (Jakarta, black metal)
  9. Cultural (Semarang, Gothic metal)
  10. Crystal Dream (Jakarta, Gothic metal)
  11. Panyembahan (Jakarta, Gothic metal)
  12. Roh Sesat (Jakarta, black metal)
  13. Dark Onrust (Bogor, black metal)
  14. Rafflesium (Jakarta, black metal)
  15. Libris (Tegal, black metal)
  16. Criatura (Bogor, black metal)
  17. Mortuary (Jakarta, black metal)

For further information about the show, please contact this number: 0858-1151-9581.

This event is supported by Celepuk Ent, Cilandak Familia, Jagakarsa Metal Troops, Gitar Plus, StageID, Bens Radio, sabigaju.com, musik.or.id, MusicListForum, RockRadioLive, Undergroundsync, Mrtnsproduction, Klinik Bucek, GO Organizer, Cewek Metal, Jakarta Underground City, and Java Metalheads.


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