Joshua Deacon publishes drum playthrough video for debut single Wisteria

Drummer Joshua Deacon Hamonangan from progressive metalcore trio Dunia has published a drum playthrough video for his latest instrumental single Wisteria through Youtube channel on July 8, 2017.

The video marks the commencement of his new project titled The Weird Groove Project where Joshua would record drums and programming the rest.

Fellow Dunia’s bassist Wisnu Ikhsantama Wicaksana spoke to, the single Wisteria was recorded and mixed by him last June.

The song is composed and written by the drummer himself. The recording session took place at Soundpole Studio, but the drum parts was recorded at Joshua’s own Josh Cave Studio.

In his recent interview with us, Joshua revealed the video was filmed on July 8, 2017 at his Josh Cave Studio.

Wisteria tells about his feeling when he earned Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from University of Indonesia. He felt mixed emotions about his graduation: exciting and slightly terrified about his future, but then he was motivated and became spirited. Josh concluded the song is about hope and expecting he could also spread exquisiteness and kindness in the future.

The title is inspired by a type of flowering plants native to the Eastern United States, China, Korea, and Japan.

Josh cited Anup Sastry, Anika Nilles, Thomas Haake, and many more as his favorite drummers.


Joshua wrote in his Youtube channel:

Hello guys and girls. I am Josh, drummer form a band called Dunia. I am really excited to announce you that I am working on a solo project, hoping to release an EP or might be an album this year titled ‘The Weird Groove Project.’ ‘Wisteria’ will be included in the release.

Drums were the only instrument recorded here. The guitars, bass, piano, etc were programmed as drums are the only instrument I could fluently play for this song.

The recording was done using these equipment:

Dw Drums Collector Series – Black Velvet
8×7 rack tom
10×8 rack tom
14×14 floor tom
16×14 floor tom
22×18 kick drum
14×6.5 snare

Remo Pinstripe batter & DW Reso head on toms
Remo Ambassador & Reso Head snare
EQ3 Reso Head kick

Paiste Alpha metal Crash 17″
Paiste Sound edge Hihat 14″
Sabian AAX stage Crash 18″
Sabian B8Pro Splash 10′
Sabian AAX Splash 12′ & Paiste 2002 Wild China 15″ (Stacked)
Sabian B8Pro China 18″

Microphones :

Shreddage 2x by Impact Soundworks for bass and guitar programming
AVID Pro Tools

Composed, written, produced by Joshua Deacon
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Wisnu Ikhsantama @Soundpole studio
Video by Joshua Deacon
Artwork by Randi Koyo
Drums Recorded @Josh Cave Studio
Video Recorded @Josh Cave Studio


Dunia is Jakarta-based progressive metalcore act, founded in 2014 by Yutsi Surya Pratama (guitars), Fadil (guitars), and Joshua (drums). Fadil then parted ways and bassist Wisnu Ikhsantama Wicaksana was recruited.

The band has released debut EP Semesta Fana digitally in January 2017, and re-released in CD format in June 2017 by Tangerang-based independent label Undying Music.

Watch the video below:

Photo credit: Wibikurus

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