Nafrat releases lyric video for Formulate 624, preceding 2nd album Abnegation

Singaporean death metal act Nafrat has released official lyric video for track Formulate 624 on the band’s Youtube channel, July 9, 2017.

The track precedes upcoming sophomore full-length album titled Abnegation, scheduled to be released sometime this year by Brutal Infection Records. Formulate 624 is 6:04 minutes long.

Opening with a fast triplet hyper blast beat and tremolo riffs then shifting into thrash metal polka/skank beat, Formulate 624 is really giving a great formula of sickness for death metal fans by incorporating more breakdowns followed by tons of changing paces, and slow melancholy melodic guitar solo that drives into a dramatic nuance.

Han Shah’s growl with quiet clear pronunciation is really something. Even my son loves it and gave his own judgment: “Cookie monster’s song!”.  Han’s vocals in unison with other instruments in some parts, are memorable.

Abnegation is worth to anticipate!


The Abnegation recording session started two years ago, after a long pause since their high-acclaimed debut full-length Through Imminent Masses in 2008, released by Vrykoblast Productions.

In August 2016, Nafrat revealed their upcoming album’s cover art in its Facebook fan page, designed by renowned Swedish artist Par Olofsson.

Nafrat stated in January 2017, their mixing and mastering process were going well and  pleased with the outcome so far. In February, they shared a preview from new track  “Purify Lest Decay” and the upcoming album title was revealed.

Brutal Infection secured a deal on May 4 this year to release Abnegation.

Nafrat was founded in 2003 by Han Shah (vocals/guitars), Iskandar Zul (guitars), Nazak (vocals) and Asmat Tarmimi (drums & percussions). Along with 2008’s full-length debut Through Imminent Masses, the band has released two demo CDs Chaos Unleashed (2005) and Invoking the Masses (2005).

The current formation comprises Han Shah (vocals/guitars), Iskandar Zul (guitars), Firdaus Kader (bass) and Asmat Tarmimi (drums & percussions).

Check the video below:


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