Sawahlunto Metal Syndicate presents Sawahlunto Hellfest

Previously famous as one of the biggest surface coal mining areas in Sumatera, dates back to 1882, until it has been gradually declined in 2000’s, Sawahlunto now enjoys recent economic growth in different sector, thanks to its tourism industry, since it inherited many Colonial buildings and converted some coal mines into tourist destinations.

The air is no longer black, but the city’s most perilous underground society, The Sawahlunto Metal Syndicate will blacken the atmosphere, once again, with its new flagship event titled Sawahlunto Hellfest. 

The first Sawahlunto Hellfest will be held at Garage Tanah Lapang Village, Lembah Segar sub-district, Sawahlunto, West Sumatera on Saturday, May 20, 2017.

Twenty four bands from all over West Sumatera are scheduled to play and to showcase their ferocity and brutal dexterity to amuse extreme music aficionados in Sawahlunto.

There are some notable bands in the festival final roster: Fetal Membrane, Cipotok, and SG Grind, to name a few.

The one-piece slamming brutal death metal act Fetal Membrane has released its promotional CD Promo 2017 – Organism Human Mutilated through Bukittinggi-based independent label Croothead Records in March 2017.

Randy Aprianto, the man behind Fetal Membrane, has been working his ass off to finish full-length debut this year.

The band was founded in 2014 in Sawahlunto as a porn gore grind act Pecah Ketuban with initial line up consisted of Randy (guitars), Rifki (drums), Fajar Afrianto (bass), and Dimas (vocals).

Randy survived the band when all original members quit in 2015. The situation led Randy to change the name to Fetal Membrane and playing brutal death metal genre, alone!

Bukittinggi-based gore grind Cipotok has been dwelling the West Sumatera extreme music realm since 2012. To date, they has released a full-length album The Final Level of Satisfaction of Lust in 2014, and two split albums i.e. Kukertank /Cipotok (with Kukertank, published in December 2013 by Gerbang Graffiti); and Offensive Grind Destroyer (with Disgorgement of Intestinal Lymphatic Suppuration and Bbarbapappa Butchery, published on November 15, 2014 by Inhuman Homicide Records).

Cipotok’s current line up consists of Arize Claudio Pratama (guitars), Augri Dewanda (vocals), Dio Fajrian (bass), and Irvhan Utama Putra (drums).

Croothead Records released Stupid Governance‘s promotional CD Krisis Moral in December 2016. Three tracks in the CD show the band’s earnest of upcoming debut album. The Bukittinggi-based grindcore act was founded in January 2016 by Vio  (vocals), Wahyu (guitars), Fauzi (bass), and Haris (drums).

Randy Aprianto from Sawahlunto Metal Syndicate in his interview with said the society has hitherto been organized two metal gigs titled Sawahlunto Methanol #1 and #2 on January 31, 2015 and March 12, 2016, respectively.



  1. FETAL MEMBRANE (Sawahlunto)
  3. PROJECT ERROR (Sawahlunto)
  4. SG GRIND (Bukittinggi)
  5. OBEDIENCE (Bukittinggi)
  6. CIPOTOK (Bukittinggi)
  7. BABY PIG (Payakumbuh)
  8. HIGH HATE (Payakumbuh)
  9. BREAK FAST (Payakumbuh)
  10. CRACK DOWN (Payakumbuh)
  11. UNDER COVER (Payakumbuh)
  12. DUREX (Bukittinggi)
  13. STUCK IN THE MIDDLE (Payakumbuh)
  14. PISAU DAPUA (Solok)
  15. MARAUANG (Payakumbuh)
  17. DYSTOPIA (Padang Panjang)
  18. STECH OF VIRGINITY (Bukittinggi)
  19. TAJAM
  20. EIGHTEEN 18+
  21. MENHIR

On the spot ticket is sold for IDR 15K.

For further information about the show, you may contact Randy at 082285075292 or BBM 270D5A5A .

This event is supported by IRS Radion,, Croothead Merch & Record, GPK Street Crew, Pakkat Distro, Bukittinggi Movement Underground, West Sumatera Slamming,, Sawahlunto Underdog, Fathan Kuliner Sawahlunto, INDO.Root, Lapak Mayit Pengabdi Setan (Jakarta Barat), Proximatattoo. FM Merch, Pondok Sablon, Genetic Misty Merch, Inyiak Clothing, and PT BA-UPO Bukit Asam.


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