Croothead Records to launch Underground Infinity #2

A new independent record company Croothead Records from Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatera will release the second volume of compilation CD “Underground Infinity” on May 5, 2017, consists of bands from Indonesia and Malaysia.

There will be fourteen bands partaking in the compilation, less than the first one, which featured 35 bands from Indonesia, Malaysia, Colombia, Venezuela, Pakistan and Nepal.

The first edition was released by Bogor-based Dead Procces Productions [sic] last year. Croothead has got the rights to release Underground Infinity 2 from Egi Sanjaya, founder of Dead Procces, said Arize Claudio Pratama, owner of Croothead Records.

Arize revealed the second edition was intended to afford bands from West Sumatera only. But when the project was commenced in January 2017, he received many inquiries from all around Indonesia and Malaysia.  Even though there was no band selection, Arize set a limit for the total number of participants to fourteen bands only.

Band who would like to enter the project just submit its song to Arize and send registration fee. In return, the label will send some copies of CDs, posters and t-shirts to each band as the project royalty.

Cover art is designed by Payakumbuh-based artist Hanivan Bagus from Dawek Kaset Art, and lay out is created by the label per se.

This compilation aims to accommodate bands who have not had physical release yet.


  1. Torch – Daroh Dagir (Pahang, Malaysia)
  2. Oxidicide – Obey and Rots (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  3. Otak Error – Pemimpin Gilo (Bangkinang, Riau)
  4. Holy Circle feat. Dody Blockhead – Kita Bisa (Sarolangun, Jambi)
  5. SG Grind – war never dies (Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatera)
  6. Bandid – Doktrin (Sarolangun, Jambi)
  7. Blackbox – Sama Rata (Bangkinang, Riau)
  8. Logistic Satanity – Halusinasi (Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatera)
  9. Cipotok – Onani vs Masturbasi (Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatera)
  10. Gacik – Cannibal Holocaust (Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatera)
  11. Fetal Membrane – Organism Human Mutilated (Sawahlunto, West Sumatera)
  12. I Hate My Darling feat. Yoga Tirtagraha – World of Sadness (Palopo, South Sulawesi)
  13. Punden Berundak – Tetanus Moral (Payakumbuh, West Sumatera)
  14. Baby Pig – Kandiak (live) (Payakumbuh, West Sumatera)


Croothead Merch & Records was established on August 23, 2015 in Bukit Tinggi as a merchandise store. It became a record company when released local-based grindcore act Stupid Government‘s promotional CD on December 12, 2016.

In March 2017, the label released promotional CD of one-piece slamming brutal death metal band Fetal Membrane from Sawahlunto.

There will be more physical releases from Croothead Records this year, including technical brutal death metal act Obedience‘s promo CD anytime soon in the future.

Arize expected more West Sumatera bands will release their albums soon.

For further information about this compilation, you may contact Arize at 082284457799 or BBM 29E49D6C.


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