Seuramoe Reggae shows how to serve coffee in Acehnese way

Seuramoe Reggae at Coffee Fest

Thousand of die-hard fans engaged Seuramoe Reggae in Banda Aceh Coffee Festival 2013 main stage, last night (Sunday, 11/24) at Taman Sari. Frontman Teuku Andie got the audience to sing and dance along.

Andie a.k.a. Gondrong asked the audience to promote the Acehnese unique way in coffee serving as the world’s new coffee culture. Gondrong then demonstrated the way to serve Acehnese coffee by pouring coffee from a height, over and over between two vessels trough a special cotton sock filter.

“It taste better!”


The crowd clapped and shouted. Seuramoe Reggae then closed the show by playing Lincha, a seminal tune  from their 2009 eponymous debut album.

The five-piece band will commence to record their new album in December 2013. The number two will be released in summer 2014. A video production is scheduled to shoot in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

The Acehnese reggae pioneer Seuramoe Reggae’s show wrapped the Banda Aceh Coffee Festival 2013. Yudi Kurnia, the Banda Aceh Head of Parliament stated “We expect this Coffee Fest will be a new symbol of unity, and it can improve the city economic development.”

(Suryadi KTB)

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