UKM Seni Putroe Phang Presents Artcoholic Exhibition V

Artcoholic Exhibition V

To celebrate its 18th anniversary, The Syiah Kuala University’s Student Arts Club – Putroe Phang – will hold an event which is labeled Artcoholic Exhibition. This year  event will be its fifth installment and will take place at Open Stage Taman Budaya Banda Aceh, on 22 June 2013.

The number five theme is “Deungoen Adat Ta meusapat, Deungoen Budaya Ta puga Nanggroe” (Uniting people through tradition, restoring the nation through culture) and aiming to establish a vocal, appreciative and creative generation by developing an aesthetic and artistic sense of cultural arts. In addition to that goals, the show is intended to strengthen the unity in effort to build a dignified and a better Aceh.

The Artcoholic Exhibition V will showcase dance acts, traditional and modern music acts, with lineup consists of:

  • Putroe Phang Dance Unit
  • Putroe Phang Bands
  • Seuramoe Reggae
  • GMA (Gabungan Musisi Aceh) Selections
  • Sanggar Seni Seulaweut
  • Sanggar Bebalun
  • Sanggar Rampoe
  • Sanggar Aneuk Rapai Tuha (Lamreung)
  • Medya Hus

 For further inquiry about the show, you can contact Tri Satrya Ginting (President of Putroe Phang) or M Aidi (event coordinator) by placing a call to 0853-6100-0846.

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