Aliansi Bawah Tanah presents Krajan Brebeg

The Pasuruan underground movement thrives significantly. Gig is held almost every week so far, and more to come, thank to its communities who has grown in numbers. There is space for everyone who would like to develop them self.

A new underground community emerges from Lumbangrejo, a village in district Prigen, Pasuruan Regency, which famous for its mountainous nature, home of Taman Safari Indonesia 2, one of favorite places for retreat in East Java.

The Aliansi Bawah Tanah, will hold a gig titled KRAJAN BREBEG on Sunday, April 30, 2017 at the hall of Maha Naim Advent Ketujuh Camp Site, Sumberwekas Lumbangrejo.

There will be 28 bands from all over East Java Province sharing the stage and rocking together.

The Krajan Brebeg features Mishantropic Imperium (Malang), Range of Mutilated (Mojokerto), Liang Lahat (Surabaya), Critical Disaster (Kediri), and Singgasana (Sidoarjo), as the gig’s headliners.

Welirang underground development was picked as the gig’s main theme, whose meaning is the concert marks the raise of underground communites around Mount Welirang.

The Aliansi Bawah Tanah’s representative, Mohammad Catur Mukti Rizal Mas, known under moniker Jagal Dhemyth, spoke to about the society and the show. He said Aliansi Bawah Tanah was founded on January 5 this year, as an alliance of local underground communities.

It aims to expose the positive aspects of local underground societies and to develop youth creativity in music sector.

The community has set a partnership with the village administration and taking part in any social activity in Lumbangrejo.

Jagal Dhemyth added the idea about the gig came up in January 2017 when Aliansi Bawah Tanah established. 

Almost no obstacle was found during the process, Jagal thanks the village and district administrations, local Development Bank, LPM, karang Taruna, and the village community who has given them full support.

Famous emcee Anggah McJazon will host the show. He informed us the Krajan Brebeg means “noise zone”.


  1. RANGE OF MUTILATED (Mojokerto)
  2. LIANG LAHAT (Surabaya)
  5. SHADOW OF CARRION (Mojokerto)
  6. DEFECTIVE VULVA (Surabaya)
  7. SINGGASANA (Sidoarjo)
  8. NEMATOCYST (Lumajang)
  9. DEMON BRIDE (Prigen)
  10. INVEKSI (Pasuruan)
  11. NEMOTHORAX (Prigen)
  12. CACIMAKI (Mojokerto)
  13. HYPERTEROID (Pasuruan)
  14. ASTOR AYEM (Prigen)
  15. JUDASH (Surabaya)
  16. ALICE IN ROTTENLAND (trawas)
  17. BESI TUA (Prigen)
  18. HELLFAITH (Pasuruan)
  19. SLAVE OF GOD (Pandaan)
  20. RENGAT (Prigen)
  21. MAGGOTH (Prigen)
  22. GEROBAX SAMPAH (Prigen)
  23. ZINAH (Mojokerto)
  24. DIE (Lumajang)
  25. FAJAR AKHIR JAMAN (Prigen)
  26. ARWAH METAL (Pandaan)
  27. D,MAYOR (Pasuruan)
  28. SARAF PEDOT (Prigen)

The organizer sells ticket for IDR 20K plus free drink. 

For further information about the show, please contact Caki at 089670255267, and Hap at 082234717061.

This gig is supported by the Village Administration of Lumbangrejo, KIM Formal Lumbangrejo, BPD Lumbangrejo, LPM Lumbangrejo, PKK Lumbangrejo, LMDH Lumbangrejo, LLH Lumbangrejo, Linmas Lumbangrejo, Banser, Ansor Lumbangrejo, SCR Event Organizer, Kartar Phandawa, Kartar Wira Prima, Gerla, CMC Sound System, Bintang Barat, CCNF, Dr Vector, Kasual 14, Tretes Sindikat Bawah Tanah, Metal Dusun Corps, Ngoro Industrial Metal, Zona Bising, Taring Production, Bias Sablon, Percetakan Salsa, Korep.


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