Banjarnegara Gothic Scream 3 to darken Mandiraja this week

Banjarnegara will witness a dedicated Gothic and black metal concert this week. The sacred Banjarnegara Gothic Scream will be solemnized, once again on Sunday, May 7, 2017 at Martha Adipura Hall, Mandiraja, Banjarnegara, Central Java.

This year’s edition is its third installment since the gig establishment in 2012.

Banjarnegara Gothic Scream #3 will feature Amatory as the gig sole headliner. Amatory is a Banjarnegara-origin Gothic metal act, founded in 2004.

The band is known for its prolific hard works, having four full-length albums, a video album and one EP since its inception.

Starting from album EP Sabda Pandita Ratu in 2006, then followed by studio albums Wing of Angel (2006), My Sorrow Dreams (2008), VCD album Bleeding Rose (2010) Revolutionare of Triple Six (2011), and Tumbal Kerajaan (2016). Some materials from the latter will be presented in the very show.

Amatory’s current formation consists of founder Azka (drums), Icha (vocals), Ragil (bass) and Tato (guitars). They employ some additional players to play keyboards and guitars.

There will be fifteen fellow Gothic and black metal bands from Banjarnegara, Purwokerto, Semarang, Purbalingga, and Tegal to accompany Amatory in Banjarnegara Scream Gothic #3.  100% guarantee the gig will be a very dark show.

Eka Priyanto a.k.a Azka from Triple Six Enterprice [sic] and Amatoryzer Production in his interview with talked about the show. He said the event management had organized the gig series in 2012 and 2016, and held in different venues, moving from one sub-district to another.

The Triple Six and Amatoryzer Production are two sister-companies who provide services from event management; FOH, lighting and rigs rental; jamming and recording studio. Both were founded in 2008.


AMATORY (Banjarnegara, Gothic metal)
NISTA (Banjarnegara, black metal)
BELYSH (Banjarnegara, black metal)
BELZEBUL (Banjarnegara, black metal)
MOCAMORPHOSIS (Banjarnegara, Gothic metal)
PRASASTY (Banjarnegara, Gothic metal)
ANUSOPATI (Banjarnegara, Gothic metal)
CETERIA (Banjarnegara, Gothic metal)
THE SAINT (Purwokerto, black metal)
FATAL INSIDEN (Purwokerto, black metal)
KAMAR MAYAT (Semarang, black metal)
AMATERASU (Purbalingga, Gothic metal)
LACRYMOSA (Purbalingga, Gothic metal)
MEMOSA (Banjarnegara, Gothic metal)
LIBRIZ (Tegal, black metal)
BARZAH (Purbalingga, black metal)


The organizer sells ticket for IDR 25K, and can be found at the venue entrance. For further information the show, you may contact this number: 085227416706.

This event is supported by: Metaliah Distro Bekasi, Lapis si Madu 36 Bandung, Adinoz for Life Purbalingga, Black Earth Prod Banjarnegara, Wijaya Foto Copy Mandiraja, CBT Community Cipawon, Amatoryzer music studio, and Purwanegara Metal Syndicate.


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