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POINT BLANK is a nu metal band from Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. The origin can be traced back to 1997 when Screamtor/Theodolite’s guitarist R. Agustrianto Budi Prakoso (known under moniker Sir Suga) wanted to have a nu metal project due to the genre massive invasion into Surabaya metal realm around the time.

The City of Heroes witnessed a rapid spread of nu metal music like a viral epidemic, infecting many local musicians to adopt its fashion and enthusiasm, and playing or covering musics from bands such as Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the Machine, Deftones, Coal Chamber, and KoRn.

Then-twenty-years-old Ternate-born Sir Suga began seeking the right musicians to fill idyllic line up for his future music group labeled Point Blank. He shared his passion with fellow Theodolite bandmate, drummer Andi Wapo who then gave full support by joining his new venture, along with Borgol’s frontman Johan “Joe the Mess” Wahyudi and bassist Nuhan Abi Pramahdi from Shiobax.

Point Blank was officially launched on February 14, 1998 in a music gig at Delta Cafe, Sidoarjo. The name was taken from Namco’s first-person shooter video game Point Blank which was evolved in 90’s.

DJ Reboot was employed in 1999. The band began writing their own songs and gained favor from Surabaya metal music enthusiasts.

In 2001, they participated in a prestigious national band competition: the Festival Hip Metal Indonesia. Point Blank was ranked in top five, and qualified to take part in Kompilasi Hip Metal 2001, released by Jakarta-based Harpa Records, a prominent major record company.

After taking part in the compilation album, the band was slowing down as a result of the personnel’s study activities. In late 2005, Point Blank went on hiatus due to drummer Andi Wapo’s health issue and the relocation of Sir Suga to Jakarta to pursue his career. Andi eventually passed away in early 2006 of kidney failure.


After pause for almost 10 years, Agustrianto Budi Prakoso and Johan “Joe the Mess” Wahyudi reformed Point Blank in early 2015. Bassist Nuhan Abi Pramahdi failed to join due to his career commitment in Surabaya City Health Office.

Drummer Ali Mahadi from Sexy Rock and Cacak Ahmad Band’s bassist Derry “Dee Low” Septianto were recruited to fulfill the required formation. DJ Zero from Psychosomatic joined later.

Then-reformed Point Blank was managed by physician Beby Halki.

The band released a statement in a new-founded Facebook page on April 15 2015: “Greeting from us with respect…….. Point Blank is Back !!!!!”

Limb Bizkit Tribute Night at Nens Corner Surabaya on April 16, 2015, marked the resurrection of Point Blank. The band headlined the very show.

Rise Up and the departure of Joe Wahyudi

The quintet commenced first leg of their debut album’s recording sessions in June 2015. They entered Magnet Studio and Harmony Studio to record guitars, bass and vocals, while drums recording took place at both studios and Kharisma Studio. The flock recorded three tracks Familia, Burning Out, and Brutal Disco. Sir Suga produced the whole tracks.

Their first single after a decade titled Familia was released on October 2, 2015.

A concert to commemorate the 18th anniversary of Point Blank was organized on February 12, 2016 at Kaya Resto, Surabaya. The gig featured fellow Surabaya bands like The Rockfive, Naked Brain, FlowdownHateaway, Stab in The Heart, Quarter Master, Ignore, etc. The band revealed Rise Up as future debut album title at the show

Two famous Indonesian guitarists from Surabaya-based heavy metal act Power Metal, Purwadji “Ipunk” Susanto and Luky Setyo Widjaksono performed a guitar battle at the party.

Two days before the birthday concert, Point Blank dismissed DJ Zero due to creative differences. They have been employed Martin “DJ Em” AS as additional DJ since that time.

The second phase of debut’s recording sessions were started in March 2016. The band recorded at the same studios they hired last year. Mugo Sasongko was in charged for mixing and mastering.  Like the previous leg, Sir Suga produced the whole tracks.

Like many nu metal recordings, Sir Suga utilized his 7-string guitars Ibanez RGD7320z and Schecter Damien Elite-7 on tracks Brutal Disco, Life, Passion Core and Respect.

On May 21, the band announced the beginning of mastering process, and four days after, they stated the mastering was done.

Original member and frontman Johan Wahyudi left the band in August 2016 to pursue his career and relocated to Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara. The flock was saddened by his departure and hence left Sir Suga as the sole founder survivor. Hateaway’s singer Stefanus Dwi Oktavian fronted Point Blank subsequently.

In November 2016, drummer Ali Mahadi took a sabbatical due to undisclosed family issue. Roy “Mr. Bow” Hermawan from Plat L hopped in as the band’s additional drummer. Ali made a comeback in May 2017.

Single Familia was listed in Kopi Rocker 86 #1 CD Compilation, released on February 18, 2017.

On the verge of the debut release, the band manager and long time friend Beby Halki resigned on March 19. The band announced the management was took over by Sir Suga the day after.

The cover album for Rise Up was revealed on March 29, 2017 in the band fanpage. The cover art and layout was designed by Catalystcreation Artwork.

Prior to debut released date, a simple slametan ceremony was held on April 27 by cutting cone-shaped rice dish Nasi Tumpeng.

Debut full-length album Rise Up was officially released on April 30.

Rise Up is a trophy for Point Blank after striving for almost 2 decades since its inception. With ten nu metal tracks, written by Sir Suga, and lyrics by all members, the band manifests the genre is not dead yet, and will linger on years from now.

The album tells about a positive life struggle, presumably based on Sir Suga’s life who adheres straight edge regime.


Track List

  1. Movement
  2. BrutalDisco
  3. Familia
  4. Stay True
  5. Step Forward
  6. Respect
  7. Passion Core
  8. L.I.F.E
  9. Burning Out
  10. Biarkan Saja


Sir Suga in his interview with cited names like Downset, Limp Bizkit, 311, POD, Linkin Park, Korn, Coal Chamber, Rage Against the Machine, Metallica, As I Lay Dying, Bury Your Dead, Cypress Hill, and Wu Tang Clan, as the band’s main inspiration.

He added the band next planning is to promote nu metal to Indonesian new generation.



R. Agustrianto “Sir Suga” Budi Prakoso – guitars (1998 – present)
Stefanus “Okky” Dwi Oktavian – vocals (2016 – present)
Ali Mahadi – drums (2015 – present)
Derry “Dee Low” Septianto – bass (2015 – present)


Johan “Joe the Mess” Wahyudi – vocals (1998 – 2016)
Nuhan Abi Pramahdi – bass (1998 – 2005)
Andi Wapo – drums (1998 – 2006, his death)
DJ Reboot – turntables, sampling, programming (1999 – 2005)
DJ Zero – turntables, sampling, programming (2015 – 2016)


Martin “DJ Em” AS – turntables, sampling, programming (2016 – present)
Roy “Mr. Bow” Hermawan – drums (2016 – 2017)


2001 – VA – Kompilasi Hip Metal 2001 (Harpa Records, Jakarta)
2017 – VA – Kopi Rockers 86 #1 (Kopi Rocker 86, Surabaya)
2017 – Rise Up (self released, Surabaya)


Facebook: Point Blank Band – Indo
Twitter: @pointblanksuck
Instagram: @pointblankband_indo
Youtube: Sir Suga Point Blank Ind

Booking: 081322105495/087881241341


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