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Left to right: Hadi, Farid, Depex, Alhadi, Roji

RAMNIT is a melodic-death-metal act from Banda Aceh. Founded in 2011 by guitarist Roji Zumara and bassist Farid, who had previously played together in Delagasus Band.

Banda Aceh-based death-metal-group Delagasus was disbanded by its founders Ojeb (vocal), Roji and Farid (guitars), Ian (bass), and Awi (drum), due to members’ activities outside the band in 2008. Roji and Farid then played in different various bands, but they still maintained their friendship by hanging out and writing music together. Even they chose to enroll in the same campus, the Electrical Engineering Faculty, Syiah Kuala University in 2010.

It was in 2011 when the twosome met an Economic Faculty freshman, Mirza Dwi Putra a.k.a Depex. Depex was known as Bireuen-based death-metal-band T.O.U‘s frontman, and an MC of a rap-act World Line. He resided to Banda Aceh to pursue his higher education in University of Syiah Kuala. Roji and Farid asked him to join in a new project. Hadi, another T.O.U‘s former member was recruited as the project’s drummer. Hadi happened to be a fresher in Faculty of Teacher Training & Education, same university.

Hadi suggested RAMNIT as the project’s name since the computer worm Ramnit reached its reputation in 2011. The project then grew into a firm band. As no bassist existing in the lineup, Farid was assigned as the band’s bassist. RAMNIT then was consisted of Depex (vocals), Roji (guitars), Farid (bass), and Hadi (drums).

In November 2011, the horde traveled to Bireuen to record their demos in Studio 41. “Pemakan Bangkai Saudara” was chosen as the first tune. During the recording session they met Alhadi, a Banda Aceh-based guitarist. They found chemistry with Alhadi and employed him almost immediately. The new lineup recorded second demo “Tuhan Yang Tercela”.

RAMNIT was very active in 2012. They engaged in all major metal event in Aceh, including the famous Banda Aceh Death Fest. But the band was put on hiatus in the end of the year. The campus activities and Roji’s recording studio venture were put to blame. Roji founded The Black Crown studio (later changed to Fractal Studio) and full-booked.  The band members were busy with their own side-projects. Farid played guitar in The Witch of Majesty, Hadi was occasionally recruited by Ilios to fill their vacant drummer position, Depex sang in Berkarat, and Roji led Open Arms to Damnation and released 2 singles.

In January 2014, the band’s facebook fanpage announced their engagement in national metal fest fame: HELLPRINT in February 2014. Farid confirmed the band is set to play, and Roji stated RAMNIT would enter studio again to record new materials for their debut album after the show.

The band was influenced by  UNSATISFACTORY, Black Romantic, The Black Dahlia Murder, Uninvited, and Miss May I.


Depex – vocals
Roji – guitars
Alhadi – guitars
Farid – bass
Hadi – drums

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