Bekasi Metal Troops #1: Metalhead Bersilaturahmi

Grand Charly Bekasi Cyber Park will host the first Bekasi Metal Troops‘s eponymous event this Sunday, July 16, 2017. Metalhead Bersilaturahmi is chosen as the gig’s main theme.

Fifteen sick metal acts will share the stage featuring Bless the Knight, Ratu Kidul, Blorong, Asmodeus, etc.

Artikel mengenai even ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Metalhead Bekasi bersilaturahmi di Bekasi Metal Troops #1

Jakarta-based modern progressive metal act Bless the Knights just knighted Their Majesty’s two new Knights: frontman Berry Heyder and drummer Opic, at the band’s 2nd anniversary party on Sunday, April 9, 2017 at Waroeng Deebong, East Jakarta. On that occasion the band also officiated a new single titled Dunamous. 

Dunamous marks the new production of their third full-length album.

Bless the Knight was founded as Blitzkrieg in 2009 by guitarist Fritz Faraday (written in style of mrfritzfaraday). In 2010, Blitzkrieg released its full-length debut album The Energy of Anger. During the second album titled Bless The Knights’ pre-production, they dropped Blitzkrieg as the band’s name since there have been various bands shared similar name. On April 7, 2015 the band officially christened Bless the Knights as its new name.

The latest formation consists of mrfritzfaraday (guitars/vocals), Berry Heyder (vocals), Olgie Alvianus (guitars) and Opick (drums).

Bekasi-based Gothic metal band Ratu Kidul has produced 7 new songs and been working for more to complete a full track list as required to finish the sophomore full-length album.

The band was formed by former Getih 666’s frontman Ramdhan Creaharmony on November 7, 2013, with Nia Nurandriani (vocals), Debot (guitars), Aef (guitars), Sandi (bass), Syair (keyboards) and Gery (drummer).

Ramdhan, Sandy, Gery and Debot, with new frontwoman Nikken,  guitarist Bhenil and bassist Altar, independently released debut full-length album K’Satria Maha Lawan on December 28, 2014.

Last formation consists of Yuni (vocals), Ramdhan (vocals), Raditya Akbar (guitars), Sandi Alexandershah (keyboards), and Gery (drummer).

**** interviewed organizer’s spokesperson Ragil Ayu Rara, who revealed the Bekasi Metal Troops is designated to be a gig franchise. She said the ide behind the show came from Anto. Anto, Badar Power Daruz, Rara and Ramdhan then joined force to hold the show.



BLORONG (Jakarta)
DISGOD (Bekasi)
GOREGOM (Purwakarta)
FATTAH (Jakarta)
DISLOVE (Bandung)
PANCARAS (Jakarta)
KRIFT (Bekasi)

Ticket is sold for IDR 15K. The organizer can be reached at +6282111480985 (texting/WA) and BBM D9BBB7D9.

The event is supported by A&B Legancy Production, ANRA Production, Grand Charly BCP, Madiun Satu Arah, Klinik Bucek, Bekasi Power Fest, Purbalingga Undeground Community, Ratapan Bunda, and Grand Cyber Rock & Metal Part.


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