Rottrevore Records set to release Abonation’s full-length debut album

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Bekasi-based death metal quintet Abonation is on the verge of full-length debut album release. The debut titled The Mortal World and Gallery End of Era is scheduled to release by Rottrevore Records on June 19.

Bandung-based independent label company Rottrevore Records revealed about the album release, cover art and track list in Facebook on first of June. But there was no certain release date declared.

On Saturday, June 17, 2017 7:25 PM, the label announced about the exact date:

ABONATION – The Mortal World And Gallery End of Era full lenght rilis hari Senin tanggal 19 Juni 2017. Semua preorder cd dan merchandise akan langsung dikirim pada hari yang sama.
Untuk retail dan reseller / distro bisa hubungi UYUHAN MERCH , cc Mahmudin.
Bantu share yes \m/

In his recent interview with, drummer Muhammad Kevin Irwan disclosed the album recording session was commenced in 2015, when the band recorded two tracks that later listed in a promotional CD labeled Promo 2016, released in June 2016.

Abonation sent some pre-mixed tracks to Rottrevore Records, and drew the label attention. They penned a deal in mid 206 to release the band’s future debut.

Rottrevore published about the signing on November 23, 2016:

“Proudly introducing new signing … ABONATION
ABONATION telah menyelesaikan semua materi untuk debut full lenghtnya bertitle “The Mortal World & Gallery End of Era” yang akan dirilis di awal tahun 2017.
Please share…thanks for your support !”

Kevin cited Apache Studio and Alf Studio as the main studios they hired for the recording sessions. The album was engineered, and mixed by Salim.

Former Abonation’s frontman Abdillah Nurul Ramdan, Dedy Permady (Cadavoracity) and Panic Disorder’s guitarist Atenkblast involved in some tracks.

Famous metal artist Rudi Yanto from Gorgingsuicide Art designed the cover artwork and band logo.


Track List

1. Desolation Of Anger
2. Paradigm Eve’s
3. Euphoria Wajah Pendosa
4. Manipulasi Harga Diri
5. Perang Takkan Pernah Berakhir
6. Terbukanya Replika Surga
7. The Great Rises Of…
8. The End Of An Era


Abonation was founded by guitarist Arif Sarat and drummer Diko Fayumi in 2009. After several line up changing, the latest formation comprises Arif Saraf (guitars), Tri Nugroho (vocals), Muhammad Kevin Irwan (drums), Ryo Vomit (bass), Satrio Yudo (guitars).

For further inquiry about the album, you may call or texting 0821.2766.4992.


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