Gothica Production presents Tangerang Metal Forever #9

Tangerang soon will have another gig franchise which bears its name. Gothica Production, has changed their Metal Forever gig series into Tangerang Metal Forever. The ninth installment of Tangerang Metal Forever will be held at Smart Market Jembatan Ampera, Batu Ceper, Tangerang City on Sunday, May 7, 2017.

Twenty five metal bands has been booked to perform at the show. Gothica will showcase Moses Bandwidth, Kedjawen, Semesta, Astana and Dasamurka as the gig headliners.

Within the show, the Moses Bandwidth’s fan club MB’ERS Indonesia will introduce and inaugurate all chapters that has already been active.

Indramayu-based symphonic Gothic/death metal Moses Bandwidth was founded by guitarist LaVey Junior and has had many lineup changes since its inception in 2003. The band is perhaps the most productive run in last decade of our underground music history, having published 9 full-length albums, 3 compilations, 2 EPs and 3 DVDs, since 2005.

Current formation consists of LaVey Junior (guitars), Yudi (bass), Ameth Hellwine (keyboards), Awak Anggara (drums), Deny (guitars) and Nourma (vocals).

Founder of Gothica Production, Andi Syaikul in his interview with said he changed the event name due to promote his hometown Tangerang. Andi endorses MB’ERS in the show since he is one of the chairperson in the fan club. MB’ERS Indonesia is led by Rusdi, and his deputy Budi.

Gothica Production was founded on November 7, 2009 and its first event was Metal Forever #1. To date, its portfolio consists of well-known gig franchises such as Tangerang Gothic Blackfest, Tangerang Metal Forever, Tangerang Rockfest and Tangerang Deathfest.

Famous metal emcee Didi Vulcanic will host Tangerang Metal Forever #9.


  1. MOSES BANDWITH (Indramayu)
  2. KEDJAWEN (Bogor)
  3. SEMESTA (Tangerang)
  4. DASAMURKA (Cilacap)
  5. ASTANA (Majalengka)
  6. JERITAN BABI (Tangerang)
  7. TRALIZE (Tangerang)
  8. AKHERON (Tangerang)
  9. FILOSIFI (Tangerang)
  10. ANGELIUS (Pemalang)
  11. UNDERSIEGE (Tangerang)
  12. EPIDEME DEASES (Sukabumi)
  13. PUTRI SERENITY (Tangerang)
  14. TOTAL KRAMAT (Serang)
  15. AMARANTH (Depok)
  16. OURDISTANCE (Tangerang)
  17. AGRAPANA (Serang)
  18. HEMATOLOGY (Tangerang)
  19. XINA (Tangerang)
  20. RISING FORCE (Tangerang)
  21. SALAZAR (Depok)
  22. SATANICMACHINE (Jakarta)
  23. KURAWA (Tangerang)
  24. SEVENHELL (Jakarta)
  25. DISAKTIS (Tangerang)

Early bird ticket is available for IDR 30, and on the spot ticket will be sold for IDR 35K. The organizer also provides official event t-shirt that can be purchased with early bird ticket for IDR 120K and IDR 130K (long sleeve tee).

The organizer will donate 10% of ticket sales to orphanage foundation.

For further inquiry about Tangerang Metal Forever #9, you may contact Syarif Hidayatullah Dhogol at 089508436876 or BBM D7D15EB9.



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