Murtad announces 2017 Japan Tour Dates

Artikel berbahasa Indonesia mengenai tur ini dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Murtad akan tur ke Jepang tahun ini

Bogor-based brutal death metal band Murtad announced on Friday, June 9, 2017 their Japan tour dates along with fellow Permeated Records label mate Thai’s Intricated. The tour titled Fatal Awakening Japan Tour 2017 will take place on July 22 at Nakano Moon Step, Tokyo, and on July 23 at Gigs Yokohama Tsurumi.

Another Pearmeated’s roster Japanese Undead Daredevil will accompany both bands. The Fatal Awakening Japan Tour 2017 is organized by Syn Taguchi, Issita, and Ossi Kun. Syn Taguchi is Undead Daredevil’s frontman.

The Japan Tour marks the second time the three brutal death metal acts share the same stage after Bang-Cock Deathfest 2016, held at Oxa Pub, Bangkok on November 19, 2016.

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The dates:

July 22, 2017 – “BRUTAL INSANITY V”
OPEN 17:00/START 17:30
Murtad (Indonesia)
Intricated (Thailand)
Undead Daredevil
Inhuman Devotion

July 23, 2017 – “BAYSIDE INSANE vol.10”
at  Gigs Yokohama Tsurumi
OPEN 16:30/START 17:00
~Vomiting ~
Intricated (Thailand)
Murtad (Indonesia)
Butcher ABC
Sparganum Proliferum



Intricated was established in Bangkok in 2007. The band’s portfolio consists of 2011’s EP Chronofrustation (The Extermination of Humanity) and 2016 Permeated’s release studio album The Vortex of Fatal Depravity.

Current line up comprises Panyawat Sridee (vocals), Jeeraset Paemongkol (guitars), Wasumit Wongwai (bass), and Pratchaya Phadungthin (drums).

Undead Daredevil is the first Japanese act in Italy-based Permeated Records roster. Formed in 2011, the band has released a studio album titled Devastating Defeat for Mankind in 2015.

The last line up consists of Takuya isozaki (guitars), Youhei Mineshima (bass/vocals), Katsumasa Kitazawa (drums), and Syn Taguchi (vocals).

The Japs conducted an Indonesia Tour this very year titled Devastating Indonesia Tour 2017, started from Bogor headlining the Bogor Brutal Fest (3/18), followed by Jampang Brutal Fest, Sukabumi (3/19), and Bekasi’s Rottenfest Studio (3/21). The Devastating Indonesia Tour 2017 was wrapped in Bali Brutal Fest (3/23).

The Bogor Brutal Fest was organized by Murtad’s guitarist Andri Soebangsa.

Murtad was founded in 2009 by Andri Soebangsa. To date, they have released one EP Agenda Besar Busuk Belaka (2011) and full-length Extirpate the Remaining Breath (2015).

The last formation consists of Pungky Heriansyah (vocals), Andri Soebangsa (guitars), Vega Christian (drums) and Andhika Widia Tama (bass).

Andri in recent interview with stated the band has been working on sophomore full-length album. They intend to release a promotional CD in the Japan Tour.


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